If you are a writer, journalist, editor, or blogger, then you probably know the devastating feeling when you try and look up an article of yours, only to find that it is no longer available where it was once published.

There is nothing worse than losing your body of work

Usually, your articles will be lost before you can do anything about them. No publisher will give you notice in advance, leaving you with the loss of the work you’ve created. Uncountable hours of blood, sweat, and tears. And then nothing to show for it.

Not to speak of the fact that proves that you’ve been published has vanished with your content. That’s terrible for your career.

Lost articles means no proof of publishing. And no proof of publishing means your career could be seriously hurt.

But what can you do?

Deep down you probably know the sensible thing to do would be to create a backup copy of everything you publish. That sounds good in theory, but in practice, it means looking up all your previous articles individually, finding the right tool to create PDFs out of them, and coming up with a system how to manage the PDFs so that you can find the right article when you need to, etc etc. The amount of work required is insane.

And then you need to remember to find all your new pieces whenever they are published, create PDFs of them too, etc. It’s a never-ending story of having to spend your valuable time on backups while it’s much needed elsewhere.

“Automated” is the magic word

Luckily, with Authory there is a new service that doesn’t only enable you to get a beautifully organized backup of all the articles you’ve ever written, but Authory will back up all your future pieces, too.

This is what a well organized backup with almost 1,300 articles look like.
This is what a well-organized backup with almost 1,300 articles looks like.

Yes, you’ve read that right. To start with, instead of having to find and make copies of your previous articles, Authory does that for you. Some writers have received a backup of more than 10,000 of their articles this way. Imagine everything you’ve ever done, finally in one place, safe and beautiful to look at.

Peace of mind for the future

And then, every single time you publish something new, you’ll have a backup copy of the piece without having to do anything. Minutes after publishing, Authory will automatically find your new article and create a backup for you.

Want to see what the results are like for other Authory users? Here are a few examples:

...and thousands of other writers, journalists, and editors are using Authory every single day!

Here is how it works:

  1. When you sign up to Authory, you list the publications that you’ve published.
  2. Authory will fetch all your past articles (even if it’s many thousands) and create a beautiful and organized backup for you. This process takes 48h max and is manually double-checked by the Authory team, so you can be sure your backup will contain the correct articles only.
  3. Once your backup is ready, you’ll get an email from Authory. You can then log in, access your backup copies, and search, filter, and curate them. Of course, you can also download them to your local computer with a single click.
  4. And the best part: From that moment on, Authory monitors all your publications for future pieces. And as soon as you publish a new article, it will be added to your backup and you’ll receive a short notification email.

No more having to remember to back up any articles, no more maintenance. Just peace of mind.

Sounds good, right? In the words of New York Times columnist David Pogue:

I can’t believe I once muddled along without Authory. It’s beautiful.

It couldn’t be any easier to get an up-to-date backup of all your articles — guaranteed. Try it for yourself and join Authory with a 14-day free trial at authory.com.

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