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Before: Trying to figure out how the content you create performs on social media is a nightmare. After: Visually stunning analytics tell you exactly how often your content has been shared, tweeted or liked on all big social media networks.
Analytics for your entire career
Past and future
Social media analytics are available for all your content, making it easy for you to get a complete picture across your entire publishing career.
Holistic content performance
Go beyond your
personal accounts
Authory will tell you about the social media interactions your content has created by any (!) account, not just your personal ones or the ones by your publisher.
Comprehensive analytics
The big picture,
yet laser focussed
Learn how your contents' aggregate reach on social media has changed over time, or check the performance of individual pieces within seconds.
Powerful filters
Surface what's
most interesting
Your most shared piece on Twitter in 2018? The most successful article you've written on autonomous driving so far? Your video with the most comments? With Authory all that, and much more, is at your fingertips anytime.
Weekly email reports
Know about
your evergreens
All your content will be monitored continuously and you'll be notified if an evergreen piece starts to gain traction again.
Keep your prized data
The data about the performance of your articles on social media is a real treasure trove. And wherever you go next, Authory and all your analytics data will stay with you.
Let the reports come to you
Get the important metrics of the week via email, making sure you'll never miss out on anything without having to continuously check. Being up to date has never been easier.
I couldn’t live without Authory now and I think anyone else like me would feel the same quickly after using it.”
Chris Pike, AAP, ESPN and more
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