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Before: You yourself don't even know when exactly your next content piece will be published. You constantly have to check the websites or Google. After: Daily summary emails tell you exactly what new content of yours has been published and where.
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You’ll receive a digest email on the days new content was found and added to your account. We make sure you hear from us only when it makes sense.
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Finally you'll have it all under the same roof. Authory works with all formats from all types of source, regardless if it's a random website or a social media network.
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Find what you are looking for
Thanks to the snappy search and filters, you’ll find whatever you’ve created in seconds.
Add any content
Manual adding supported
For everything that can't be found automatically by us: Add new content manually by copy and pasting the URL. Takes a few seconds only
“Authory updates the content for me, even when I am too overwhelmed to remember. It saves me from myself!
Rhiannon Giles, Duke University, Washington Post and more
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