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Before: Your content is at the whim of the publication/platform where it's been published and might be deleted at any moment. After: You automatically have a bulletproof 1:1 backup of every piece of content you ever created, no matter what happens to the original piece.
Automated importing
All your past content included
To get started, Authory will find all your previous content and compile your personal backup for you, fully automated. Sign up takes just 3 minutes of your time. Promise.
Automated content adding
Fully automated future
Authory will not only find and protect all your past content. Once a new piece as been published, Authory will find it and back it up automatically for you.
Beautiful backups
Looking better than the original
Your Authory account has been designed with a complete focus on your content, making sure it will shine. That's why it's likely your content looks better in your Authory account than it ever did at the original source.
Flexible visibility
Proof of publishing?
Once Authory has imported your content from a specific source, you have 100% proof of publishing. If the original is not available at the source anymore, you simply switch your backed up copy in Authory to public.
More than a backup
Authory works like your very own outboard memory: With the extensive search and filter features, you'll be able to find anything you've ever created in absolutely no time.
No lock in, ever
Your content is 100% secure and looks beautiful in your Authory account. But we don't lock you in. You can download your entire archive with a single click anytime.
Copyrights? Check
You do not have to worry about any copyright, ownership rights or data issues when using Authory. The platform has been designed from the start to be in line with the respective legislation.
“It's always a big relief to get an email from Authory saying my newest article has been automatically backed up.
Glenn Fleishman, The Economist, The Atlantic and more
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