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Making life easier for journalists.
With Authory you magically have all your articles at your fingertips, anytime. And you automatically keep your readers personally updated on new articles, anywhere.
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All your articles magically in one place

Your Authory page is a timeless and up-to-date repository of all the articles you have ever written, regardless of where they were published. The public version contains headlines and links to your articles while the private version, accessible by you only, also includes the full text version of articles and all the images. Never again ask yourself what you wrote, when and for which publication.

All of your articles permanently backed up

The private version of your Authory page keeps a full text backup of each and every article you have ever written. No more 404 errors, no more “this page has moved”, whatever happens to the original article page, we've got your back with a permanent full text copy. All for your peace of mind, and accessible only by you.

Search with unparalleled ease

What exactly was your view on that one issue last week, six months or even 5 years ago? What articles did you write for that one publication again? Use our lightning fast full text search to browse through the entire history of all the articles you have ever written and find immediately what your are looking for.

Let your readers follow you, wherever you publish

On your public Authory page, anybody interested in your publications can subscribe to receive email notifications about new articles with a single click. Regardless of where you publish in the future, your subscribers will always follow you.

Email followers? Simply better than Twitter & Facebook

Getting readers to follow you via email is simply better than only having followers on Twitter and Facebook: A dedicated email notification to all your subscribers whenever you publish something new will do your articles a lot more justice than a link posted and bound to immediately get buried among the flood of cat videos in your followers' newsfeeds.

Fully automated = Zero effort for you

Now you might think “Sounds all pretty good, but also like a lot of work for me”. Well, it’s not :) When you sign up, Authory imports up to 1,000 of your most recent articles automatically, regardless of where they were published. And whenever you publish a new article we’ll automatically find it, add it to your Authory page and send you a short email notification.
That’s literally zero effort for you for an always up-to-date, timeless archive of your entire work and an elegant way to keep your readers updated.

No copyright issues, no data lock-in

One more thing: Any copyrights and ownership of your articles do not change when you use Authory. And you can export your articles at any time. For more, see our Three Laws of Copyright and Ownership.