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Authory is the first automated platform bringing together all the content you create. Have your articles, videos, podcasts and more in a single place — no matter where you publish them.
Let Authory help you take control of your work, build your audience and advance your career.
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All your past and all your future content, all in one place
Authory brings together everything you've ever created and will create, no matter whether it's articles, videos or podcasts, and no matter where they've been published — fully automated so you don't have to lift a finger.
What you can do with Authory
Once all your content is in one place, Authory will give you the superpowers you need to make the most out of your work and excel in today's media landscape.
Present Your Content
  • Get a beautiful portfolio page that's self-updating with your new content.
  • Customize it to match your personal style.
  • The only portfolio page that shows the entire depth and breadth of what you've been up to.
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Track Your Content
  • Your content will be found automatically, and you'll be notified you about new pieces, regardless where and when you publish them.
  • Thanks to lightning fast filters and search, everything is at your finger tips anytime.
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Protect Your Content
  • Imagine Dropbox knew where you publish content and automatically backed it up for you. That's what Authory does.
  • Authory will not only find and back up all your future pieces, but your past content too. Even if it's locked behind paywalls.
  • Regardless of what happens to the original, your content is safe in Authory.
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Curate Your Content
  • Organize your content in collections based on topic, types of content, sources or whatever you like.
  • Create easy-to-apply rules or add content with a single click directly.
  • Make your collections public for everybody to see or keep them private.
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Share Your Content
  • Share selected content with specific people only or the world at large.
  • Choose single pieces or entire collections with different types of content.
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Distribute Your Content
  • Build up your own audience of loyal email subscribers.
  • Forget about having to create a newsletter, Authory automatically sends your updates.
  • Create RSS feeds with all or parts of your content.
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Analyze Your Content
  • Understand how all your different content types perform on social media.
  • Analytics are not limited to your social media accounts, but reflect how your content has been shared by any account.
  • Your past content will be monitored continuously, surfacing your true evergreens.
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“I can’t believe I once muddled along without Authory. It’s beautiful.
David Pogue, CBS, New York Times and more
Made for extraordinary content creators. Made for you!
Every content creator has their unique Content Footprint. Regardless what content you focus on, regardless where you publish it, Authory is the perfect solution for you.
The Content Footprint™
[kɒntɛnt fʊtprɪnt]
The sum of all content an individual creator or an organization with multiple creators produces over time, across all channels and all content types.
Content Marketers
Thought Leaders
The Content Footprint™
[kɒntɛnt fʊtprɪnt]
The sum of all content an individual creator or an organization with multiple creators produces over time, across all channels and all content types.
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