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Dear content creator and followers

It all started with being personally frustrated. I visited a certain news site and by chance found an article by a journalist whose stories I enjoy very much. I thought to myself “If I hadn’t checked the news site now, I would not have seen his article at all”.

So I was sitting there wondering why there was no simple way to reliably be notified whenever my favourite journo published a new article, regardless of where this article was published.

After thinking about it for a while I started talking to journalists about this. And they too said they found it frustrating: It’s not easy being a journalist and personally keeping your readers up to date on all new articles that you have written.

But there was more: Having published so many articles across so many news sites during their careers, many journalists voiced frustration at being unable to keep track of their own articles. They told me that all too often they themselves could not find what they had written - because the respective article page was down, had moved behind a paywall or had just disappeared altogether; or because they had simply forgotten where, when and what exactly they had published.

With this in mind, Authory came about. Authory is our attempt at helping journalists to (a) keep their readers personally up to date on new articles and to (b) easily keep track, browse and search through all of the articles they have ever written, regardless of where these articles were published.

With Authory our goal is solely to help you and your readers. That’s why there is no advertising, no selling of your data to PR companies, no hidden agendas. Authory is designed with only journalists like you in mind.

Give it a try and please let me know what you think: eric@authory.com

Founder, Authory