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Content Marketers
“Authory really is a content marketer's dream! One aspect I dread about having a website is manually updating my portfolio. Now, Authory does that for me, saving me time and headspace while allowing me to maintain my brand.”
- Alyssa Towns Swantkoski, Content Marketer
Your magical business card

Authory makes your content look really good. No matter if your content is published under your name or not, with Authory you can compile it all into an effective portfolio that's just stunning to look at.

It works with any type of content, from articles to podcasts, pictures or videos that you publish. And it's automatically updating whenever you publish something new. Why send anybody your LinkedIn profile if you have an interactive resume showing the content you've created that truly speaks for itself?

Know what you've published when & where

Often you won't know when exactly a client publishes your content. But just because your content is all over the place doesn't mean you need to be.

Authory will always find your new pieces and add them to your account, fully automated for all your bylined work. Anything else can be added with two clicks. And thanks to the extensive search and filter features you can always check what you've created in the past within a few seconds only.

That's why we've been called "my outboard memory" by our customers!

Curate your work and show it to the right people

Want to apply for a new job/gig and need to present a selection of your work that matches the job requirements? The days of frantically searching for the right articles and then turning them into PDFs are over.

With Authory, you can easily curate specific pieces into collections and then create special share links for these. It's never been easier to share examples of your past work while making sure they look first class at the recipient.

“Authory instantly infused my personal brand with credibility, has saved me countless hours of work, and doubled demand for my services.
Gabriel Swain, Insightly, Agile CRM and more
Make sure your work remains accessible

Writing for a corporate client means your content is published on their premises. And for reasons that you have no control over, your work might vanish anytime.

Luckily, with Authory you'll always have a full text backup of everything you've ever created. Regardless of what happens to the original, once a piece of content is in your Authory account it's safe. And if the original is gone, you can even decide to make your private copy in your Authory account available to anybody visiting your Authory page.

Zero effort and zero tech skills required
Setting up your Authory account takes about 3 minutes. And with that you don't need to do anything anymore. Authory will automatically find all your past and your future work that's been published under your name. And adding anything ghostwritten or without a byline at all takes a few second only. It could not be easier to finally track and have all your content under one roof without having to worry about the upkeep.
Know your reach on social media

There are plenty of ways to find out what your social media accounts' reach is. Yet, do you know what reach your content has, independently from your accounts? Authory monitors and saves the social media interactions your content has received.

Number of shares, likes, comments, tweets and more: You'll know for each and every piece that you've ever written how it's performed on social media. That applies to all past articles too.This can be a real asset when you are in talks with a client. Who else can provide bulletproof metrics about the content they've produced so far? You'll stand out like a star.

Your very own blog included

Sometimes you might not want to write somewhere else. You might want to publish on your own turf instead. Forget about having to set up a blog for this, or having to use a third party service with zero control like Medium.

Authory comes with a built-in blogging feature, so you can publish your articles, pictures or videos right on your Authory page. Of course, out of the box it'll look as brilliant as everything else on your Authory page does.

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