Jennifer is a writer and journalist with a career spanning over two decades across two continents. Beginning her career on Fleet Street in 1999, she moved across the pond in 2004, and now is a regular contributor to publications such as Dwell Magazine, The New York Times’ Wirecutter, BBC Science Focus Magazine, US News & World Report, Wired UK, The Ambient, and Charleston Magazine. Her work primarily focuses on smart home technology, architecture & home design, and lifestyle journalism.

The Problem

For a time, Jennifer also worked as a content writer in a marketing firm, and it was becoming increasingly hard to keep her personal website up-to-date, notably when her bylined articles were published on dozens of sites every month.

Moreover, these publications didn't want authors putting up whole articles on their personal sites (for SEO reasons). But, when some of them shut down, Jennifer lost access to all the work she had done for these sites.

The Solution

Enter Authory: Authory not only saves and backs up Jennifer's articles but also only gives the public access to a snippet of a piece that then links back to the original publication, sidestepping any SEO issues that could come up.

Now, Jennifer doesn't have to spend precious time cutting and pasting, and updating her personal website. Authory crawls the internet for all of Jennifer's work and lets her know when her article goes live — before editors and even Google Alerts can notify her!

Authory is, amongst other things, a portfolio builder & content backup service, used by thousands of top professionals worldwide.

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The Outcome

Without using up any extra time on her part, Jennifer now has a way to keep track of her writing because Authory, in essence, provides her a digital paper trail.

She also has a backup of all her work while getting a well-presented portfolio to showcase to any potential clients. (Learn more on how to create a successful writing portfolio here.)

Jennifer sounds super thrilled about Authory, saying:

If you write for multiple publications, it's a must-have. I'd almost considered hiring someone to do this for me, now I've hired Authory — and I'm very happy I did.

We’re also super happy that Jennifer chose us! 🙂

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