Twitter is the place for breaking events, trending topics, and more. A fair few journalists and celebrities use it to communicate directly with the masses.

But even before Twitter got murkier (and muskier), it has been difficult to follow Twitter accounts, as yours and many other people's Twitter timelines are a mish-mash of mixed content. And now, with Elon's takeover and gold checks and whatnot, there might be even more changes to the algorithm.

So, there's the need for a Twitter RSS feed that is customized to what you need so that you can follow a Twitter user or multiple Twitter accounts easily.

To that end, in this article, I'll show you how to generate RSS feeds for Twitter using a third-party service like Authory that's super easy to set up and compatible with your favorite feed readers!

What you'll get from this article:
• Learn why Twitter feeds aren't that great and how to get around it
• See how to quickly create Twitter RSS feeds using Authory
• Find out the advantages when you create RSS feeds

Twitter feeds aren't perfect & what to do about them

Twitter feeds are strange, to say the least. The order on your Twitter timeline doesn't make sense, and if you opt to go for the chronological timeline, you miss out on a ton of posts.

Then there are sponsored and promoted tweets that litter your timeline with unnecessary ads that further complicate the Twitter experience.

And finally, since Twitter's under new management, we aren't quite sure what our Twitter feeds will look like in the near future.

So, Twitter RSS feeds.

But first, what are RSS feeds?

You probably know what RSS feeds are, but if you didn't, here's a basic overview.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a technology created by Netscape in 1999 which allows you to receive updates from a selection of websites of your choosing. RSS readers can view these updates.

Using RSS feeds lets you curate your experience of the web and also ensures that you don't have to go to your favorite sites for new content manually — it comes right to you.

Typically, most sites provide users with a method of accessing their RSS feeds. But Twitter is another kettle of fish.

Twitter's native RSS feeds have been discontinued

Twitter used to provide native RSS feeds on user accounts but discontinued them in 2012-2013.

And, as I said before, we really don't know what the future of Twitter looks like. From what I can see, nor does Elon.

So, the only way to get custom, curated Twitter RSS feeds is by using a third-party service.

Enter Authory.

Benefits of a third-party service like Authory for RSS feeds

Authory is a number of things, such as a portfolio builder and content backup service, and can also be used to generate RSS feeds.

The benefits of using Authory for RSS are:

  1. You can create a Twitter RSS feed super easily — something that isn't possible anymore via Twitter
  2. You can create an amalgamation of Twitter feeds into one RSS feed if you like. This is done through the Authory Collections. So, if I want to, I can add David Pogue's tweets and Annalisa Merelli's into one RSS feed.
  3. You can increase the number of items in your RSS feed to 1000 items! No other tool does this AFAIK.

To that end, now, let's look into how to create a Twitter RSS feed with Authory.

Creating a Twitter RSS feed with Authory

Step 1: Import the Twitter URL into Authory

First, sign up for a free Authory account.

Next, navigate to the Sources page, click on + Add source, and then on the Twitter option, as shown below.

Step 1a of creating a Twitter RSS feed using Authory

Next, name the source. As illustrated below, I've opted for "Authory's Twitter" because in the Twitter username section, I've entered "@Authory" (the Twitter handle) as the Twitter account I want to import from. You can enter any Twitter user here — I've just opted for Authory's Twitter account for the purposes of the example. Also, note that I've selected Past and future content to get the entire collection of tweets.

Finally, hit Start import.

Step 1b of creating a Twitter RSS feed using Authory

Step 2: Create a collection for your Twitter feed

Depending on how much information needs to be imported, the process can take a bit of time. You'll be notified via email as soon as the import is completed.

Once this is done, go to the Content tab, filter by the source name (on the left), and then click on + Create automated collection.

Step 2a of creating a Twitter RSS feed using Authory

Name your collection with whatever you feel fits. I've gone with "Twitter RSS Feed," and you can also add a description.

Then hit Add to create the collection.

Note: This is where you can merge multiple Twitter feeds into one. All you need to do is add other Twitter accounts (as shown previously) and create a collection on Authory that has ALL these Twitter feeds. To keep this example simple, we're just going to use one Twitter account but do remember; it's possible to condense multiple Twitter feeds into one collection (and, therefore, one RSS feed).
Step 2b of creating a Twitter RSS feed using Authory

Step 3: Select the Twitter RSS collection & generate the RSS feed

Now, navigate to the Collections tab and select the collection that you just created. (In the example below, I have a few other collections, but if you're new to Authory, this will be empty.)

Step 3a of creating a Twitter RSS feed using Authory

Once you enter the collection, open the RSS tab on the left. And there's your Twitter RSS feed. You can see all the tweets from the Twitter feed on the right. This is how you create RSS feeds (Twitter or otherwise) in Authory.

Step 3b of creating a Twitter RSS feed using Authory

Step 4: Increase the limit of the RSS feed to upto 1000 items

To increase the limit on your RSS feed, place the RSS feed URL into the browser like so:

Step 4a of creating a Twitter RSS feed using Authory

Then add the following bit to the URL:


where NUM is a number between 1 and 1000. At this point, Authory limits the feed to 1000 items. If you need more, do reach out!

In the example below, we've set the count to 1000.

So, the final URL is:
Step 4b of creating a Twitter RSS feed using Authory

That's how you get an (almost) unlimited Twitter RSS feed.

Step 5: Add the Twitter RSS feed to your favorite RSS reader

Now, go to your favorite RSS reader and add the Twitter RSS feed that you've just created — I use Feedly, and you can see how I've added it: just copy the feed URL and enter it into the appropriate spot in the RSS feed reader, and then click Follow.

Step 5 of creating a Twitter RSS feed using Authory

And that's it! Now, if you choose, you can add multiple Twitter RSS feeds from different Twitter users.

The advantages of creating Twitter RSS feeds

Create RSS feeds for Twitter that is customized & curated for you

As mentioned before, your Twitter timeline is, in all likelihood, hard to traverse because of how Twitter serves up content on your Twitter feed. RSS lets you customize and curate your experience and allows you to combine different Twitter feeds into one.

Stay up-to-date with your favorite content creators

Twitter timelines are notorious for not supplying you with tweets from your favorite Twitter users. RSS lets you bypass this difficulty, making it easier to stay up-to-date with the latest tweets from your cherished Twitter accounts that you follow.

Use Authory to generate your Twitter RSS feed

Authory is one of the best RSS feed creators for Twitter because it's simple to use and easy to set up merged Twitter feeds into one RSS feed. Besides, Authory is also an auto-updating portfolio builder and content backup service while also being a social media analytics tool that tells you the TRUE reach of your social media content.

Yes, other third-party services exist for more complex use cases. For example, Zapier lets you create "Zaps" for new Twitter followers and Twitter search mentions, besides seeing new tweets from users you're following.

But if you need a simple solution, Authory is a great tool. Sign up for free now!