As a writer, you always need to proof yourself. Whether it’s to get a new full-time job or a new freelance gig: It’s up to you to show yourself in the best light possible.

Authory has been designed to help you in that quest from the start. It’s provided a publisher-independent place to centralize all the content you create, and then share it either as part of a stunning portfolio or within custom collections.

Long story short, your work looks great when presented with Authory. That’s the qualitative side.

Now, we give you the right tool to prove your work in a quantitative way, too. With Authory Certificates, you’ll get an independent audit of your body of work, anonymously analyzed and measured against millions of other articles by thousands of professional content creators.

On a regular basis, Authory will conduct an audit of all of the content on its platform. Based on a multitude of factors, the customers found to be outstanding with their work with regard to 5 distinct skillsets will receive a digital certificate.

The 5 different certificates are as follows:

Human Writer: Your articles are with a high degree of certainty written by a human, not by artificial intelligence. Learn more

Social Media Performer: Your articles receive significantly higher engagement on social media compared to the average article. Learn more

Long-form Professional: You are significantly more experienced writing long-form articles than the average writer. Learn more

Prolific Expert: You are significantly more experienced in creating a continuous stream of articles than the average writer. Learn more

Experience Leader: Your experience in writing articles is significantly higher than the work experience of an average writer. Learn more

Each certificate consists of a authoritative badge and a custom certificate page. You can use the badges on social media, on your LinkedIn profile and on your personal homepage. Of course you can also display your badge on your Authory portfolio.

The custom certificate page contains details as to what you’ve managed to achieve, and it can be linked from anywhere you like.

The Spring Audit 2023 has just been performed and if you’ve been awarded a certificate, you can find it your account in the Certificate Section.

Authory Certificates proof to the world what you already know: That the work you are doing is great. We truly hope it’ll be one more way to help you proof the obvious.

Learn more about Authory Certificates: