You can create a share link for any collection in your Authory account. Simply go to the respective collection via the Collection section, select “Share” in the sidebar and turn on the “Share to web” toggle.

You can then copy the link displayed and share it with others:

Remember to style your collection with a custom header picuture and a custom description before you share it.

You can decide whether somebody who clicks on a content item in your shared collection will  be forwarded to the original piece, or to the copy of the item that’s stored in your Authory account.

You can set these collection link settings per content item or for all content items from a specific source. Here is a more detailed guide.

In addition, you can overwrite the settings for any collection by enabling the toggle “Always link to copy” that’s displayed below the share link:

If enabled, all content within this collection will be viewable in full on Authory, no matter what the collection link settings are for the individual content items or sources.