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Authory finds all the articles, podcasts and videos you've ever created, and turns them into a beautiful portfolio page for you. Plus: Your portfolio is auto-updating whenever you publish something new, comes with automated content backups, social media analytics & much more.
“I have been using Authory since it launched, and I cannot recommend it enough.
Annalisa Merelli, Staff writer at Quartz
2,314 articles
Happy user since 2017
What you can do with Authory
Authory will find and import everything you've ever created, and then save you many hours of manual work each month automating all the tasks that are important after your content has been published.
  • Get a zero-maintenance portfolio page that's automatically updating with your new content.
  • You don't even need to set it up, Authory will create your portfolio for you.
  • Say Good-bye to an outdated portfolio page forever!
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  • Imagine somebody visited every piece of content you publish, copy&pasted it, and created an archive just for you. That's exactly what Authory does.
  • Authory will not only find and back up all your future pieces, but your past content too. Even if it's paywalled.
  • Regardless of what happens to the original, your copy is safe in your Authory account.
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  • Ever wondered how often your articles, videos and podcasts get shared on social media?
  • Authory provides you with detailed analytics for every piece of content you've ever created.
  • Check the stats in your account anytime, or receive weekly reports via email.
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  • Whenever a new piece of yours is published, Authory will find it, add it to your account and send you an email.
  • Thanks to lightning fast filters and search, everything you have every created is at your finger tips anytime.
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  • Organize your content in collections based on topic, types of content, sources or whatever you like.
  • Automated rules make large scale curation a piece of cake. Even 1,000s of items are no problem.
  • Share your collections with others, or set them private for your own record keeping only.
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  • Authory comes with a built-in newsletter system, enabling you to turn your audience into loyal fans.
  • You can decide if your subscribers should receive a daily or weekly digest of your new pieces.
  • Forget about having to create a newsletter manually, Authory automatically sends your updates.
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Made for extraordinary content creators. Made for you!
Authory is the perfect solution to automate many of the chores that come with creating content, leaving you with more time for the work you love.
Content Marketers
Thought Leaders
“Authory is effortless.
For less than the cost than running my own website I have a clean, up-to-date, searchable portfolio that I don't have to manage.
Authory is like having my own mini marketing team that lets me focus on the work I love doing.”
Colleen Fisher Tully, Writer
165 articles at 26 publications
“I use Authory not only as a portfolio to showcase my work, but also as a file cabinet.
I have 10+ years of automotive features posted and often use my older work for reference.
With Authory, I can look up my published stories faster than I can find them on my computer.”
Jim Koscs, Journalist
256 articles at 13 publications
“Authory really is a content marketer's dream!
One aspect I dread about having a website is manually updating it.
Now, Authory does that for me, saving me time and headspace while allowing me to maintain my brand.”
Alyssa Towns Swantkoski, Content Marketer
134 articles at 8 publications
“Authory is a dream for me.
It collects and curates my media articles, blogposts and podcasts.
And I love the aesthetic of the platform which is really innovative and professional.”
Lili-Ann Kriegler, Thought Leader
87 articles at 17 sources
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