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Turn your readers into lifetime subscribers

On your Authory page, your readers can subscribe to receive email notifications about new articles with a single click, no signup necessary.

And because they follow you directly, rather than a publisher, you turn readers into personal and loyal email subscribers that will stay with you for your entire career.

All the benefits of a newsletter, none of the hassle

It's usually a pain to find the right mailing provider, build and host a signup form and, most importantly, regularly create a newsletter.

Authory automatically sends your subscribers a well-designed email notification whenever you publish a new piece. That's a direct relationship with your readers and zero effort for you.

Enhance your personal clout

Your email subscribers on Authory are your biggest fans. Our data shows 1 in 3 will always read your new articles. Compare that to Twitter where the ratio is 1 in 200.

This loyalty is not just great recognition of your work. It also helps build your personal brand and makes you more influential. Who else can not only create an article, but also bring a sizable audience with them?

When I left a long-time staff job, I worried I would be losing countless loyal readers; instead Authory gave me a way to take them with me.

Many great features included:


You're the boss

All subscriber data is yours


No lock-in

Export your email subscribers at any time


Link from Twitter

Turn Twitter followers into email subscribers


Beautiful delivery

Email notifications that look good on any device


No spamming

Never more than one email per day


Subscriber management

Double opt-in and easy unsubscribe out of the box

And there is one thing you should definitely not forget: Authory makes your readers happy!

With Authory, journalists offer readers like me a genius way to follow them. The ease-of-use and the highly convenient email format ensure that I never miss a story by my favorite journalist.

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