November 20, 2019

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Should Catholics Eat Halal Meat?

Every so often, I've received questions from Catholics who have wanted to know if it was okay to eat halal meat (meat from animals slaughtered according to Islamic law). And my reaction was always, "Uh, why is this a question?" When the question became "Is it idol worship to eat halal meat?" my reaction was "SAY WHAT?!"

Turns out, the slaughtering process includes a prayer to God, whom Muslims call Allah (which literally means "God" in Arabic). So, there are Catholics out there who don't believe Allah is the one true God, who worry over whether Muslims actually worship the one true God (hint: Vatican II said they do)—and, if they do not worship God, whether a prayer offered to Allah during Islamic ritual slaughter means that the meat was offered to an "idol."

Okay, now you're up to speed. What's seared my chops enough to write about this is that I just read a post from St. Blog's Number One Foodie Priest, in which he claims he's "not an expert on Islam, nor do I play one on TV." Nonetheless, he evidently has no qualms about telling Catholics that they shouldn't eat meat they know has been obtained through Islamic slaughtering practices.

Why? Oh, well, because St. Paul said not to eat meat offered to idols. Who cares about what the Muslim prayer is intended to convey, about what Vatican II has to say about Islam, or that Islam wouldn't be founded for six centuries after Paul's death? And be sure to pray Catholic prayers over your food, just in case someone's slipped you some halal meat without telling you.


(Image: Muslim child eating during Ramadan, Pixabay.)