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May 10, 2019
How Would a Recession Shape the 2020 Presidential Race?

One way or another, the state of the economy will shape messaging in the 2020 presidential campaign. Research has shown a strong, growing economy historically favors the incumbent party’s candidate for retaining office, while a stagnant or shrinking economy is typically a boon to the challenger. There’s been plenty of talk about recession, with 42% of economists expecting one to hit in 2020. Given the stronger-than-expected economic numbers so far this year, though, some economists are improving their outlooks. If those forecasts hold true, what’s a presidential challenger to do about messaging?

Who Owns Your DNA?

UCSC already has a claim to fame in the history of genomic data; it was a team from the university that published the first draft of the human genome online in 2000. Now, with a new $600,000 National Science Foundation grant, another UCSC-led team…