March 27, 2022

Article at Timothy on Authory

I Can Help You Write

After 25 years of writing ranging from book reviews for Publishers Weekly to New York Times Magazine stories, plus a book proposal, several chapters for published books, and the hundreds of stories you can find on this site, as well as editing several books and coaching numerous writers ... I'm sure I can help you write!

I've found that many people writing books need a combination of developmental editing – big-picture, "this should go here" or "How do you want to organize this chapter?" type help – combined with actual line editing, which, as it sounds, is an editor going through each line, suggesting changes that make the writing as clear, compelling and engaging as possible.

But I'm also didactic by nature, and love writing with such a passion that I want to teach you to fish instead of ... So, I offer writing coaching as well, often virtually, and often centered on my most recent edits to the manuscript you're working on. That way, you get not just a better book (or book proposal), but you also become a better writer!

I have subject-matter background in all the areas that I've written about on this site, and curiosity about almost anything.

Please feel free to contact me about what you're working on, and how I can help you: Look forward to reading what you're writing, and to helping you start and finish!


"Timothy Pratt proofread the 450-page manuscript of my upcoming book, a collection of columns with added pertinent background information from my 50-year career as a sports columnist and the 26th book in my career. He caught typos, helped fix up some sentences and paragraphs and helped get the book ready for publication in August, 2020. I owe Timothy Pratt a debt of gratitude -- and a free book!"

– Ira Berkow, Pulitzer-prize-winning former sports columnist for the New York Times. 


"Timothy Pratt has helped me transform my writing! As a scientist, I struggled to explain research findings in plain language that a non-scientist would find engaging and informative. I tried multiple times without success to get a contract for a science-based brain health book. After revamping my sample chapter with Timothy’s help, I was successful on my next attempt! I was so pleased with his work that I hired him as my writing coach and editor while I write the rest of my book. Beyond simply guiding me in writing mechanics, he is helping my writing come alive with professional and personal anecdotes, examples from popular media, and real-world examples. I highly recommend him!"

– Vonetta Dotson, author of "Keep Your Wits About You: the Science of Brain Maintenance As You Age," Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association. A guide to help older people maintain healthy brains, using neurobiology research.


"When I was writing When Life Hits the Fan, I poured out all of my thoughts onto the page. Over time this became a jumbled mass of information, often with duplicate entries and files and lots of bits that never really grew into anything. I knew I needed help pulling it together into something that flowed, and was really useful to other caregivers finding themselves deep in what can be a traumatic situation.

I reached out to my network and was referred to Timothy Pratt. Believe me, that was the best thing that could have happened, for me AND my readers. He agreed to work with me not just as a developmental editor and get my ducks in a row, but to coach me to be a better writer. I'm a blogger, and while you might think that's a plus, blogging often assumes that the reader has a clue about what you're talking about, only reads the bullet points and then follows the links for more information. Writing a book with a more developed though-line is harder for me. Until Timothy urged me to let characters develop, explain techniques more fully and, well, actually complete a sentence, the book was a tough read. With Timothy's help, I have a book that will truly help people deal with the day to day stresses of caring for a loved one. It is the basis for a series of digital and face to face workshops on stress management and resilience. And for that? I'm grateful."

– Janet Fouts, author, When Life Hits the Fan: A Mindful Guide to Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others. San Jose, Calif.: Tatu Digital Media. Nonfiction book on caring for family and friends who are sick.