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Columnist, Yahoo Finance; book author
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Mar 14, 2019
How Boeing blew it

There’s a disturbing murmur amid the vigorous discussion of two crashes of Boeing 737 Max jets during the last five months: Maybe some pilots of foreign airlines aren’t as qualified to fly complicated jets as their U.S. counterparts. The three U.S.…

Mar 7, 2019
Why Trump is flopping on trade

Here’s a particular embarrassment for President Trump: After crusading for two years about the need to lower the nation’s trade deficit, the gap between exports and imports hit the highest level in a decade during Trump’s second year in office. This…

Mar 6, 2019
Trump’s hidden tax hikes

You’ve probably heard about the tax cuts President Trump signed into effect in 2017, which kicked in last year and lowered the tax bill for about two-thirds of Americans. But you may not have heard about the tax hikes Trump imposed in 2018, even…

Mar 1, 2019
Tesla’s scammy Model 3 pricing

Come on, Tesla. The electric carmaker finally found a way to lower the price of its “mass market” Model 3 sedan to $35,000, as it has been promising for several years. But if you visit Tesla’s website, you’ll see an even better deal. Tesla lists the…