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Jan 27, 2020
The State of the 27th

On Friday January 17, former congressman Chris Collins was sentenced to 26 months in federal prison for his lying to the FBI and conspiracy to commit securities fraud. It is a fittingly ignominious end to a particularly nasty and petulant…

Dec 24, 2019
Oh Mickey, You So Lyin'

Michael Kearns, the Erie County Clerk, is on a nativist anti-immigrant jihad that is as stupid as he. Check out this article at WGRZ. It begins, The Erie County clerk’s office wants a matter of possible voter fraud investigated. You would think from…

Dec 4, 2019
WBEN Caller Threatens Poloncarz

If you took Sandy Beach, mated him with Tom Bauerle, and took away all of the experience, self-awareness, and wisdom that comes with age, you’d be left with Joe Beamer, one of the young broadcasters WBEN has brought in on the cheap to supplement its…

Oct 30, 2019
Lloyd Should Not Be Canceled

There’s an election coming up next week. Obviously, this means that Buffalonians are expressing their political preferences through tortillas. As we already know, Lloyd served food at the ICE detention facility in Batavia last week. This resulted in…

Oct 25, 2019
Tacogate II: Censure Mychajliw

Republicans love to complain about what they term “political correctness,” often going so far as to assert that being empathetic or mindful of others’ feelings is destroying western civilization as we know it. Except, of course, when there’s some…

Sep 30, 2019
Chris Collins' Coda

This is the second — and hopefully the last — epitaph I need to write on the political career of Christopher Collins. The first is here. His governmental record is, on balance, one of abject failure. He was a disastrous County Executive who spent…

Jul 8, 2019
No Answers to Stupid Questions

That’s basically the gist of this Buffalo News article by Sandra Tan, which parrots Republican concern-trolling over what, if anything, Mark Poloncarz thinks about the “Green Light” statute the legislature in Albany passed, and which Governor Cuomo…

Jun 26, 2019
Chronicling Harassment

A local purveyor of fake news has taken to Twitter, Facebook, and probably your email inbox—and the email inboxes of my current and former colleagues—to label me a “serial harasser” and to solicit people’s stories about my supposed penchant for…

Apr 18, 2019
Electoral Malpractice

There are some problems with local designating petitions. The lede in the Buffalo News exclaimed, Five women candidates looking to break the all-male hold on the Common Council charged Tuesday that challenges to their designating petitions stem from…