February 18, 2023

Article at Nicole on Authory

Law Enforcement Impersonation & Language Malware altering Text

I spoke with a detective Dec '22 about a missing person's case. He said an officer would be sent within about one week for testing. Since then, no response from police except for a woman listed as a Journalist for their office, called me pretending to be a Det. When I looked up her credentials, it's illegal impersonation. It's shocking to me, that an individual would violate their professional ethics & commit a crime. They could be both fired + sentenced for doing that.

After she called, I had a hotel break-in including computer tampering & msgs lost, where I keep everything monitored, under lock & key w/professional security, all systems separate. Only the device used for this category of case was affected.

In a different case, a Constable in another country, contacted me re: a US adopted child, who is listed as missing from the UK. He told me their office had been trying to call & email me, but all was being rejected on their end, which means, guilty perpetrators involved, are tampering with systems & evidence files. I was also locked out of both Twitter & LinkedIn during the attack. I do not know what damage was done on those platforms.

I was able to send the Const. what he asked for. Good job him.

While the UK case I resolved, the CAN case is still open, and I've been waiting for law enforcement follow through re: the forensics test. I know the family involved in this case, would NOT be okay on any level, with how this is being handled.

If you're on the inside & have tried to message me, the tampering is ongoing, but I am available & ready to progress to evidence for closure of these cases. (a) There has been email tampering, which my paid corp subscription, vendor stated problem fixed. I know emails sent to me, I never received. I estimate it's possible impersonation emails were also sent from my account. (b) There was malware on one device, a language library, that was altering my writing, which was detrimental. Emails & evidence sent from device during attack period, are altered, needing to be re-sent w/correct data. (c) My phone should be working now, although tampering is also intermittent.

(I've been involved in reporting fraud my entire career; for more than 2 decades. These issues, happen sometimes, usually when there is a lot of money on the line, or people's lives, like the missing kids who were laundered for profit.)

If this post specifically relates to you, reach out to me. My schedule is over-filled & dockets I'm working on, are detailed, robust, covering a span of years. My work-flow is often based on deadlines & priority; sometimes also based on the financial cost of the case, or threat assessment of perpetrators involved. I do forensics reporting, since 1998, on top of my regular career of Tax & Accounting for corporations. If this post relates to you, reach out to me. Phone is best for anything important/urgent. If you hear my voice, you know you're getting the real me, real data.

Thank you.