February 07, 2023

Article at Nicole on Authory

Video Technology designed for uploading camera & laptop images of unsuspecting women to Black Market Subscriber Only Channels

In 2015 I interviwed Benjamin Schleimer https://tinyurl.com/People-v-Batya, a former Zynga Software Engineer, who had just been released from prison for attempted murder. He told me he was hired by a company with two focuses.

(1) He was developing a technology to see inside rooms better.

I asked him what the application would be, and he said it's a derivative of sports gaming. They wanted to see how much they could view inside private places, and what different technologies allowed closer to 3D.

What he was referring to, was hidden camera's for (a) female victims, (b) targets / competitors, private homes/offices regarding the lense optics, and software program, which he called HALO.



SIDEBAR: Halo is also a term trafficker KH told me about, Halcion (triazolam), half life of 1.5 hours, can be slipped inside a coco-cola, and is one rape drug of choice for some perpetrators.

What Schleimer was referring to regarding sports betting, was the gamification of black market + various abuses of women + other crimes, where they're filmed, then streamed to Subscriber Only channels for profit. (A different trafficker, told me that the Players used various channels to upload their crimes, including: Twitch & YouTube. My forensics have shown OnlyFans, Discord, and other links I haven't fully verified yet.)

In San Francisco when I worked at ReadiSuite, we had some tenant neighbors into sports betting. I also met a SEGA Artist, who spoke in some details about the profits he and his high-school computer scientist mathematician, were earning from their fraud activities within gamification related to verticals owned by casinos.

(2) Schleimer also spoke of dopplegangers. He told me it was a high priority for his employers. He was looking for matches, for multiple purposes:

(a) In the illegal sex industry, there is a market for one subset of this, which I'll refrain from disclosing right now.

(b) In the prison complex, there is also a market for dopplegangers, and individuals who are willing to trade their freedom, and serve time for a predator, for a salary. To them, that salary, could benefit their family, and many people.

Mr. Schleimer made license plates in prison. I've been filming caravans of traffickers, who switch their plates in front of me, and have fake plates as well, which I've been able to fact check and prove.

Mr. Schleimer, now Batya, works for a technologically advanced company that employs felons, engages in Human Trafficking, Privacy Violations, + Modern Day Slavery.

Two other criminals spoke of the Modern Slavery version w/Zero Day Exploits. They wanted their female targets, to click a link in their email, download malware that tapped into their cameras. One man told me this was how he got off, by watching unsuspecting women. Another stated his income was from building the links.

It was been a deep work of mine, to get this story out there.

If you're an editor or member of the press who can help, please contact me. Thank you.