May 11, 2022

Article at Nicole on Authory

Esme, a poor woman, miscarried, sought help, was turned-in to the police by the hospital and is serving 30 years. This natural event, is called homicide in El Salvador: a Women's Rights atrocity

Esme, a poor woman in rural El Salvador, sought medical help while losing her unborn baby. The hospital that she went to for help, called the police due to the laws in that country that criminalize the mother for miscarriage. Published by Vice, May 10, 2022.

There is a serious flaw here and massive woman's right's issue.

I am concerned about Esme's safety, woman rights, human rights.

I want to know WHY she was targeted. Was it just her? Or all women? If all women, then I want to know which women have miscarriages in El Salvador and DON'T get imprisoned. I know there is a distinction. What is it?

I am currently testifying in court next month against a homicidal Nurse in the US who is a sociopath and has committed numerous documented crimes. I've been reading articles about nurses that kill over the last few days. The "mental health" issue of both Doctors & Nurses that intentionally hurt patients under their care are statistically the same, with higher quantity being Nurses, but the percent per group similar. What about Nurses who do not kill, but gain pleasure in causing harm to the patient's under their care, such as Esme archetypes.

I want homicidal, Borderline, Narcissistic, Machiavellian, Abusive, Addicted Nurses to be held accountable for hurting innocent people who seek out life-saving medical care. There is something deeply wrong with a system that is untrained in identifying criminal behavior.

There is also something severely wrong with the Roe vs Wade conflict right now. The statistics of poor women, ethnic women, young women, child brides, and also married women who are raped (YES rape occurs in marriage) - if a woman has a child in poverty or abuse, her chances of freedom and betterment are nearly wiped out.

This is a human rights issue, woman rights, violence, economics, education, safety, and medical issue.

I believe our country can do the right thing and keep women's right's intact.

I also want our country to terminate and prosecute maniacal nurses and organized crime in hospitals. This is something I have been working on investigating since 2013.