1. Edit content

You can edit the text and/or images of any content item in your Authory account easily. Simply go to the content details view and click on the Settings icon (the three dots):

Then select “Edit” from the menu:

You’ll be forwarded to the edit mode where you can make any change you like to the text of the content item:

Once you are done, click “Save changes” to update the content piece.

You can’t edit audio or video files that have been imported to your Authory account, only the text that accompanies them. If you want to update audio or video files, it’s easiest to delete the current content item in your Authory account and imported the updated version instead.

2. Edit dates

The publishing date of your content items is something that Authory automatically detects when importing your content. However, you can change the date of imported items anytime if you like.

In order to do this, you’ll need to switch to the content item’s edit mode as described for changing its content above. At the top, you’ll find an input for the date that you can edit:

Once you are done, click “Save changes” and the date will be updated wherever the content item appears in your Authory account.