In order to get the respective RSS links, simply go to your collection/portfolio and click the "RSS" panel in the sidebar. An input field with the custom RSS link will appear right there.

What does the RSS feed contain?

  • Headline
  • Description
  • URL
  • Author name
  • Date

By default, the RSS feed shows the first 20 content items. You can edit that and make the RSS feed show however many items you like by adding the following parameter to the RSS feed URL: &count=NUMBER

Example: This RSS feed will show 20 items by default. If you add at the end, then the RSS feed URL will look like this and it will show 1,000 items instead of 20.

The RSS feed mimics the link behaviour of the respective collection. You can control whether the links will go to the original source or to the copy on Authory via the Collection Link settings.