1. Portfolio


Your Authory portfolio comes SEO optimized out of the box and it will be automatically indexed by Google.

You can make changes to the SEO settings anytime. In order to do so, go to your Portfolio section and select “SEO & Social media” in the left sidebar, then click the button “Edit preview”:

You’ll see a screen opening up that enables you to change the title and the description of your portfolio page:

That is the information that Google will use when displaying your portfolio among its search results:

In more technical terms, the title input will set the meta tag page title. The description text field will set the meta tag description.

Social media

In addition, you can change the image that will be displayed as a preview when you link to our portfolio on social media. What this sets is the fb:image and twitter:image tags. Here is what a link preview of an Authory portfolio looks like on Twitter:

By default, Authory will show a collage of your three most recent articles as the preview picture. That is dynamic and whenever a new content item is added to your portfolio, the preview picture will be updated. Alternatively, you can upload your own image or select one from our library:

2. Shared collections & content items

Note: If you create a share link for a content item or a collection, it will NOT be indexed by Google, so you don’t need to worry about your content becoming public without you wanting so.

However, you can edit the social media preview by clicking “SEO & Social media” in the left sidebar settings:

3. Articles published on Authory

If you publish an article directly with your Authory account, then it will be indexed by Google automatically. In addition, you can change the SEO and social media preview settings just like you can for your portfolio: Go to the article, click “SEO and social media” in the sidebar and adjust the settings.