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The easiest way to keep track of and back up your articles,

regardless of where they are published

... and we are delighted to support journalists at many more publications.

45% off

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What really makes Authory stand out is that you never have to do anything. Our system automatically fetches all of your previous articles, formats them nicely and adds them to your Authory page.

That’s not all though. We don’t want you to just have a retrospective archive, but we know you are too busy writing to keep it manually updated . Therefore, Authory will continuously look for your new articles and automatically add them to your Authory page shortly after they were published. You won’t just have a repository but one that is always up-to-date without you having to do anything at all.

Dear journalist,

PS: That's not all. Authory is a complete toolkit for journalists. Automatically tracking your articles is just one tool. Authory also enables you to automatically update your readers via email, giving you all the benefits of your very own newsletter -- but none of the hassle. And if you ever wondered how many social interactions your articles get on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, then Authory has your back, too.

Ready to give it a try?  Get your 45% off now  & let me know what you think!

Founder & CEO, eric@authory.com

Fully automated for your peace of mind

"20 years of my work is backed up on my Authory page, and every new article is added minutes after it's been published"

Authory will give you your very own place for your articles, completely independent from any publisher and ready to stay with you for your entire career. There is no advertising on Authory and we don’t sell your information to other companies. There are no hidden agendas. We believe that’s the right way to do it.

To ensure that we can provide you with a trustworthy service that you and your readers can rely on for many years to come, we usually ask for $7 per month or $70 per year. That includes an unlimited number of articles backed up.

We know how important it is to have all your stories backed up in once place. That's why Authory and SPJ are offering you the yearly plan for $39 instead of $70 . Again, that's 45% off the standard price and you'll get it for as long as you use Authory .

Here is how it works: Simply sign up for the $70 yearly plan and send an email to spj@authory.com with your name. We'll then apply your 45% discount.

There is (almost) nothing more important than the writing you produce. It is to a large degree what defines you as a journalist. It's why your readers follow your work and are eager to read your next story.

During your career, you’ll likely write for several different outlets. And you’ll create thousands of articles on a variety of topics. Quite a feat, right?

At one point though, it will become difficult (if it hasn't already) to actually keep track of all your work that has been posted in various places on the web. You might have your personal profile page on your current publisher's website, but ultimately, that is not yours. Once you move on to another outlet, this page will no longer be updated and instead you'll get yet another profile page.

You'll end up with your articles all over the internet, but no easy way of accessing and tracking them. Let's be honest - it will become a cluttered mess. Worse still, as time goes by, your articles will likely no longer be available. What recently happened to Gothamist and DNAinfo is a stark reminder of this.


We think it's time for a change. That is why we have created Authory, a toolkit designed to enable journalists to keep track of all their articles automatically.

Here is how it works:

Our system creates a sleek looking Authory page for you, consisting of all the articles you've ever written, and space to include all those you'll ever write. Check out this Authory page by one of our users, Alex Wilhelm, keeping track of more than 5,000 articles: authory.com/AlexWilhelm

  • When logged in, you’ll have a safe and reliable backup of all your articles in full text and with images.
  • Others viewing your Authory page will see headlines linking directly to the original source pages (that's what you see at Alex Wilhelm's Authory page, because you are not Alex and not logged in).

That means you have a beautiful portfolio site for anybody interested in your writing and a convenient and private full text backup, all under the same URL.


Your very own place for all your articles

Theresa W., Veteran journalist