With Authory you'll have all your podcasts together with everything else that you create in one place.
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Unite your podcasts with everything else you create

You are probably not only doing podcasts, but also active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Or you are doing videos, too. And then you might write an occasional article or blog post that goes with your podcasts.

Authory doesn't only find and aggregate your podcasts in a single place, but unites it with all the content that you've created and will create, regardless of what type and where you've published it. It couldn't be easier to have everything you've ever done at your fingertips anytime, both for yourself and your audience.

Protect your work

Your podcasts are often hosted in different locations, provided in various formats and can be played via a myriad of custom media players, on a website or as an app. It can become cumbersome to get a hold of the actual audio files.

Whether you create a podcast yourself or whether you take part in them, with Authory you'll get bulletproof copies of all your work. Not just by having them in another custom player, but by being able to download them as high quality MP3 or WAV to your local computer anytime, giving you full control over your work.

“The value for money is insane, and there really isn’t a good enough reason not to have an Authory account. It's a must have.
Jason Pettigrove, FC Barcelona, Bleacher Report and more
Turn your podcasts into more than the sum of their parts

With Authory you'll have all your content from all around the web, not just podcasts, in a single place. But that is no one-way street: You can curate your pieces into Collections, mix and match podcasts with your social media posts, videos or articles you've written.

With Authory's automated rules this is done in no time and thanks to easy sharing options, you'll be able to share your Collections with exactly the people who are supposed to see them (or even keeping them entirely to yourself if you want to use them for your personal curation purposes only). In any case, it has never been easier to curate and share your body of work.

Turn a casual audience into loyal subscribers

On your Authory page, your audience can subscribe to your email list with a single click, no signup necessary. It's usually a pain to find the right mailing provider, build and host a signup form and, most importantly, regularly create a newsletter.

Authory does all that for you and automatically sends your subscribers a well-designed email digest with your new pieces on a daily or weekly basis. That's a direct relationship with your readers and literally zero effort for you.

Zero effort and zero tech skills required
Setting up your Authory account takes about 3 minutes. And with that you don't need to do anything anymore. Authory will automatically find all your past and your future work that's been published under your name. And adding anything ghostwritten or without a byline at all takes a few second only. It could not be easier to finally track and have all your content under one roof without having to worry about the upkeep.
Your very own blog included

Sometimes you might not want to write somewhere else. You might want to publish on your own turf instead. Forget about having to set up a blog for this, or having to use a third party service with zero control like Medium.

Authory comes with a built-in blogging feature, so you can publish your articles, pictures or videos right on your Authory page. Of course, out of the box it'll look as brilliant as everything else on your Authory page does.

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