With Authory you can control and track your narrative like never before. Ready to make the most out of your organisation’s Content Footprint?
All your organization's content in a single place

Authory gives you a portfolio page that is close to magical: It is automatically updating with your new content whenever you publish something. It works with any type of content, from articles to podcasts, pictures or videos that you publish.

And it automatically contains all your past pieces too, regardless of when and where they've been published. Authory is only portfolio page that works like an interactive resume showing the entire breadth and depth of your body of work. All while making sure your content looks beautiful right out of the box. There is no better way to make your work truly shine.

Take back control from the platforms you don't own

A lot of the content that you are creating is published on platforms that you have zero control over. Posts on Facebook, articles on LinkedIn, snappy quibs on Twitter and all your videos from YouTube, once published this content is not in your hands anymore. And even content published on-premise, like on your blog, is more prone to being lost than you might think.

Authory will always save a full text, audio or video copy of everything you've ever created for your reference, fully automated. And while the content looks great in your Authory account, you can even download a backup to your local computer anytime.

“I’d almost considered hiring someone to do this for me, now I’ve hired Authory — and I’m very happy I did.
Jennifer Pattison Tuohy, BBC, New York Times and more
Know what you've been saying on which topic, and when

Thanks to extensive search and filter options, your content will be at your fingertips anytime. Want to check what you've written or said on a certain topic in the past? Looking for this one tweet, article, podcast or post on LinkedIn that is becoming pretty urgent right now? Whatever it is, with Authory you'll pinpoint it in no time.

That's why we've been called "my outboard memory" by our customers!!

Discover your true reach

You know that your content has a positive impact on your organization's brand. But can you quantify it? Unlike the standard services for social media management, Authory can tell you the reach of your content independently from your own social media accounts.

Regardless who shares, likes, comments, tweets or pins any content you've created, with Authory you'll know. You can check out your aggregate metrics, or you can drill them down and find out about the social media performance of individual content pieces anytime. And because Authory doesn't only monitor social media for your new pieces, but for your entire archive, you'll also know if older pieces of yours start trending again.

Curating and sharing become a piece of cake

With Authory you'll have all your content from around the web in a single place. But that is no one-way street: You can curate your pieces into Collections, mix and match articles with videos, pictures or podcasts.

With Authory's automated rules this is done in no time and thanks to easy sharing options, you'll be able to share your Collections with exactly the people who are supposed to see them (or even keeping them entirely to yourself if you want to use them for your personal curation purposes only). It's never been easier to curate and share your body of work.

One account, many content creators

Authory will unite all the different voices that create and publish content for your organization. It will automatically detect bylines and allocate content to the respective creator within your organization. That way it's a piece of cake to see who did what when.

And every creator within your organization will have their very own Authory account, helping not only you but every team member to become more productive and make the most out of their Content Footprint.

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