How Authory works

It all starts with your Content Footprint™. And it ends with you having real superpowers. Here is what happens in between and how Authory becomes the intelligent hub for all content that you create.
Step 1
Add your sources
During signup you tell Authory where you've published content. It can be of any type (text, audio, video, pictures) and it can be published anywhere on the open internet (eg. publications like The New York Times, your personal blog or YouTube) and even on closed networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn). A big plus: Authory supports more than 95% of all paywalled content.
The entire signup takes about three minutes and requires zero technical knowledge.
Step 2
Get your Authory account
Authory will automatically find all your previous content. Regardless how extensive your Content Footprint is, Authory has got your back. In fact, for some of our customers we've found more than 10,000 pieces. The initial import is overseen personally by a member of our team and will take at most 48h.
Step 3
Enjoy your new superpowers

Once your account is active, you'll immediately have access to all content that you've ever created in a single place. And from now on, all your future content will be found and added to your account by Authory automatically.

Regardless of where you publish, regardless of what type of content it is, with Authory you can present, track, protect, share, curate, distribute, and analyze it like never before.

Ready to get started?
Setup takes less than 3 minutes
No copyright issues, no re-publishing and no data lock-in
Any copyrights and ownership of your articles do not change when you use Authory. We do not re-publish your articles and you can export them at any time. For more, see our Three Laws of Copyright and Ownership.