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Your newsletter & RSS feeds, fully automated

Authory is no one-way street, it’s the starting point for whatever you want to do next with your content. You’ll get a full-fledged newsletter system notifying your subscribers about new pieces, custom RSS feeds and more.
Easy audience building
Collect subscribers with no fuss
On your Authory page, your audience can subscribe to receive email notifications about new content with a single click, no signup necessary.
Automated newsletters
Don't worry about sending newsletters
Wait, what? Yes! Authory sends your subscribers automated email digests linking to your new content whenever you publish something. You decides if it's going to be weekly or daily digests.
Loyal audiences
No matter where you publish next, your subscribers will come
Grow a loyal audience and take it with you wherever you go. And because they follow you directly, rather than a publisher, you turn readers into personal and loyal email subscribers that will stay with you for your entire career.
Convenient list management
Import friends & family, or your existing lists
Besides collecting email subscribers via your Authory page, you can manually add subscribers to your list anytime. All importing takes a few seconds only.
Custom RSS feeds
Prefer RSS? No problem
Sometimes a mailing list is not the right way to distribute your content. That's why your Authory account comes with the full flexibility of custom RSS feeds.
The tricky bits?
Taken care of!
Authory sends double opt-in emails and takes care of all your subscriber management out of the box. It almost goes without saying that we are fully GDPR proof as well!
Beautiful content,
beautiful emails
Your email digests will look stunning and match the style of your Authory page perfectly. That way you'll ensure your personal brand comes across just right, both online and via email.
Detailed statistics
at your disposal
Authory's emailing system feels incredibly lightweight. That doesn't mean it's not having the right bells and whistles like detailed open, click and loyalty statistics for all your subscribers.
“When I left a long-time staff job, I worried I would be losing countless loyal readers; instead Authory gave me a way to take them with me.
Stephen Whitty, NY Daily News, Film Racket and more
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