Diana Rosen

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Nov 27, 2020
Published on: Diana on Authory
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Originally published in "Taking Time for Tea" published by Storey Books, 2000

If I was going to hug you it wouldn't be a hug-hug/kiss-kiss sort of hug, a show-biz air kiss leaning into the void between us. No, if I was going to hug you I would step into you slowly, my hand skiing down the firm sand dunes of your arms my fingers circling 'round the back of your wrists a gentle stethoscope feeling for the pulse of you. If I was going to hug you my left arm would seek that deep impression behind your waist climb your vertebrae memorizing each one sweep the silky hairs along your nape. Together, my hands would smooth your furrowed brow still-soft cheeks the fullness of your lips. My face would Eskimo-kiss the arch of your neck my body brush yours hello. If I was going to hug you