November 19, 2014

Article at Denise Withers

Narrative Analysis: Community Garden Program (project overview)

Photo credit - Can You Dig It?

In 2014, I conducted a narrative analysis project of a community garden program for a BC-based social services agency. The purpose of the project was both to experiment with narrative analysis as an evaluation framework for organizational programs – and attempt to assess the impact of community gardens on strengthening social connectedness.

Essentially, this involved collecting stories from a number of people about their gardening experiences, then analyzing the stories using qualitative methods (typically, thematic and pattern analyses) to identify patterns, trends and commonalities – as well as surprises, outliers and opportunities.

Though the results haven’t been made public yet, analysis of the 14 interviews produced 16 key trends/insights, as well as 7 significant opportunities for increasing social connectedness through the gardens.