March 27, 2022

Article at Denise Withers

Climate Action Innovation: Adaptation Learning Network (project overview)

We’re losing more to climate change than ever before.

And one of the reasons is a lack of leadership on climate action – in particular, adaptation. So when I was offered the chance to help the leadership team of the new Adaptation Learning Network define their story and share it with the world to amplify their impact, I jumped. Funded primarily by the federal government, the ALN helps leaders build the knowledge and skills they need to help their organizations and communities take action on climate change today.

From 2019-2022, I worked as the Storyteller-in-Residence for the ALN to help them build a community to change the narrative from one that says climate change is too big, too far away and too complex to tackle – to one that celebrates the power we all have to make a difference today.

This included 1-1 and team coaching to find their story, identify barriers that were holding them back, and develop new strategies to build momentum and impact, which include courses, media, a new competency framework and a professional network. Through this work, they’ve engaged thousands of leaders across North America to help them tackle issues from sea level rise to forest fires.

Here are a couple of examples of my work for them.

Final Narrative Report (e-book)

Introductory video for one part of the project: