October 06, 2020

Article at Denise Withers

National Association of Government Communicators: (virtual keynote)

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Your job has never been tougher.

People are more afraid, distracted and anxious than they’ve been in decades. And that makes it almost impossible to get their attention and support for your critical initiatives.

Stories can help.

Science shows that they shape our world, influencing everything we think, say and do. They’re the most powerful communication tool in the world, helping us build trust, cut complexity and inspire action. In fact, you can’t change hearts or minds without them. 

But few of us have big budgets for Hollywood-style storytelling. That’s where Story Design comes in. Join award-winning filmmaker and leadership coach Denise Withers for a one-hour master class on how to create engaging stories without spending a dime. Discover the one thing you need to know connect with your toughest audience and walk away with a powerful story design framework that works for any topic.