April 29, 2019

Article at Denise Withers

SeaLegacy | Non-profit growth (project overview)

In 2018, I joined SeaLegacy for a year, to help them grow.

Specifically, my job was to develop our storytelling platform, channels and media production capacity, as well as our conservation strategies and initiatives. As a non-profit start-up, the organization faced many challenges to scaling impact, including limited resources, a broad mandate and competing priorities. Fortunately, the team was filled with extraordinary creative talent, passionate about conservation and change, which enabled us to research, test, implement and refine solutions to these challenges.

As the Story Lead, I established editorial calendars and processes, led high-impact campaigns, developed narrative strategies to focus on impact, and designed digital strategies for engagement and embedded storytelling across all content channels – including our Impact Reports, grant proposals, donor presentations, email newsletters and social media.

In less than a year, the organization grew from a start-up to a superpower, almost doubling its size, reach, budget and impact. We successfully defeated a global return to commercial whaling, triggered changes to Canadian aquaculture policy, supported an African program to end child trafficking in fisheries and won permanent protection from petroleum development in northern Norway. By the time I left, our stories reached over 5 million people every day, inspiring them to invest their time and resources in a portfolio of conservation initiatives.

You can view samples of my work in this portfolio by selecting the source SeaLegacy.