March 15, 2012

Article at Denise Withers

Story-driven UX: BCcampus (project overview)

Project assignment: Design and prototype a new method of measuring satisfaction and usability for this post-secondary agency’s online portal that could be used by non-geeks for ongoing evaluation.

Approach: Blended story-based research and online data recording. Users of the portal came together and shared stories of excellence in customer service and online transactions. They then developed their own definition of satisfaction, based on their stories. They went on to use the portal and their transactions were recorded by easy-to-use software. Afterwards, they came together again to share stories of their experiences using the portal. They used their definition of satisfaction to evaluate their experiences. The researchers were able to verify their findings by analyzing the data the software collected. The participants then went on to use story as the framework to describe their visions of what they’d like their future experiences using the portal to be like.

Quote from one participant after sharing the story of her online experience:
“I find that if the site is difficult to navigate and I’m running around like a rat in a maze to get that crumb of information that I’m looking for and I have to dance around to do it – what the hell is the course going to be like?”

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