November 01, 2005

Article at Denise Withers

EXPO 2005 Canada Pavillion (project overview)

Photo: Heritage Canada

The vision for the insanely complex EXPO 2005 Canada Pavilion in Aichi, Japan, was to create an immersive, multi-touchpoint, narrative experience that would enable visitors to walk alongside and interact with High Definition video of featured Canadians in full size, human scale. Given my storytelling, design and production expertise, my client asked me to lead the cross-country video team to develop and capture the stories that would bring the exhibit to life.

Technically, this was the most complex project I’ve ever taken on, as we had to design a way to record every shot so that it would project at a human scale. Logistically, we also had to wrangle massive challenges, including limited time, budget, crew, and extensive travel. Creatively, pre-production complications forced me to design, prep and organize both the stories and shoots while crisscrossing the country, with just a day or two of lead time for each location, for the duration of the six-week production run.

Despite all the challenges, the finished exhibit hosted over 3 million visitors and was rated as the most popular pavilion at EXPO 2005.