June 05, 2022

Article at Denise Withers

Selling your big ideas: JIBC (project overview)

We can come up with the best services, designs and strategies in the world. But we're never going to create change if no one knows about or adopts them.

After spending over a year collecting stories and engaging collaborators across their ecosystem, the Justice Institute of British Columbia was ready to activate its new strategy. But first, they needed a new story. Not just any story - one co-created and owned by senior leadership, so they'd feel comfortable sharing and adapting it for their teams.

I spent 3 months working with their leadership team to practice key storytelling skills and help them co-create their new strategy story. And when they rolled it out, everyone felt seen and heard. Most importantly, they understood and embraced the imperative for change.

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"We can no longer afford to do things precisely how we have in the past; we must see the world as it is unfolding and adapt. This means seeing ourselves differently, so we face our challenges differently. We need to see ourselves as a business, but one with the highest of callings:  public safety and social justice."