January 06, 2021

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According to Professor M.Y. Nabofa (Professor of religious studies, University of Ibadan), the process of divination, is one of the most essential religious practices among the Urhobo. That, it is an important element in sacred duties because the devotee is always eager to know the wishes of the divine. And by definition, religion is man's effort or desire to be at peace with the spiritual powers on one hand and with fellow man on the other. It is also man's effort at bringing about harmony between mundane and the spiritual spheres of life.

However; though i agree with Professor Nabofa and Ben Elugbe in their summation in characterising Evba (Ifa) as the only system of divination, the other races of mankind have studied Ifa from us and used it in its entirety and perhaps in a continuous research. In fact, Ifa took off from where the Alphabet let off. The Alphabet in its originality began in creation on the great Ancient Egyptian Pyramid built by King Khuvu (Urhobo king). His Vizier's name is Emiunu (Both names are clearly Urhobo). The Greeks gave him Cheops as a name. However, Ifa is found in the Bible words in a verse which says "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God".

These are the original words which God gave to our Ancestor Asiri (Esiri, Urhobo), Asare (Ghana), Oziri, (Ijaw), Urhobo Ancestral Father, and later given to Ancestor Anubisi (Anubi, Nubian, Yoruba), as both labelled themselves Etchu and Eshu, and the "Word" are the 22 characters. These were the first characters of divination which were compressed to become 16 characters. But then, the 22 characters still endures in the book of Psalm 119 (KJV). In Hebrew, they are Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Daleth, Heh, .... to the last alphabet Tau. The Tau is to play a very significant role in technology but however, the first two Alphabets; that is Alpha and Beth were taken from two nations of Yoruba and Urhobo to arrive at Alphabet. The Alpha came from Phela (Yoruba), whilst Beth came from Thebah (Urhobo). And of course other characters came from both ethnic groups including other sub- ethnic groups emanating from both cultures. Again; the 22 characters which later become 16 in divination, issues their divination from a binary feature which also issues technologically in computer binary numbers and its mirror image, such apparatus of Agbragha (Urhobo), Opele (Yoruba) are what the diviner reads, watches and re-arranges to cull meanings from them. Truly, the computer is home to Google which also appears to read your questions and come out with varying answers. Not surprisingly, the Epha have been used to code the Bible by editors from the time of Ezra till the period of King James the 2nd, as it was used to code their names and secrets in the Bible.

What we should note here, especially the intelligentsia who have the awareness that Eshu gave Ifa to the Ancestor of the Yoruba; is that, there was no spiritual Eshu, rather, it was Asiri , branded as such.

With that in mind; Evba (Ifa), is what kicked off our Ancestors civilising of the world and the Oyibo, came to Africa physically and in books, studied Ifa so well by starting from our Cradle, Ancient Egypt and bang, they have excelled in science and technology (Technology using Hermes Trismegistus, three times great, A compendium of 42 Books original to our Ancestors) whilst we became dependent on the corrupted bible. The original bible is Psalm 119 and 613 Commandments which was muddled together by the offshoots of the offended Ajuya (Biblical Joseph). And note: Moses arrived the scene and compressed 6+1+3 equals 10 Commandments. Perhaps, the theology lecturers must have heard of Josephus. He holds the key and secret & he may have helpers in the destruction of our history.

Let's delve and peep into the digitization of the Agbragha (Opele) and the technological fall out of Evba, Ifa and Fa.

THE ORIGINAL 16 BITS AGBRAGHA (Also known as Oracle, Voodou)


However; you would have thought that these digitisations began from the mindset and thought patterns of those modern and foreign researchers who schooled in ancient Egypt and later establishing learning houses known as Academies in Europe. No, the digitisation began in the beginning of time. We, Blacks have been lazy to extend the knowledge of the resource to modern times till White people grabbed the opportunity and excel with it.

See below the reading spectrum of Evba, Epha, Ifa, Fa, Oracle, Voudoo, Bible Code in the words of our Ancient digitisation rendered by our erudite Professor M.Y. Nabofa and Ben Elugbe.

Readings and Interpretation of Agbragha



The 16 bits of the Agbragha became the 16 bits of our Old Computers which have metamorphosed into 32 bits of modern Computer thus:


Defining 16-bit as a computer hardware device or software program that is capable of transferring 16 bits of data at a time. Early computer processors (e.g., 8088 and 80286) have 16-bit processors which means that, they are capable of working with 16-bit binary numbers of Evba (Ifa) and its decimal number that is up to 65,535. Anything larger and the computer would need to break the number into smaller pieces. (ComputerHope.com, with my emphasis).