September 12, 2020

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This essay is a sequel to get off the backs of my children; Wilson Ometan writes back, a treatise in which i challenged my Uncle, Professor and Reverend Charles Osume. My contention in that article was that, Okpe cultural group is bonafide original Urhobo and not grouped under Benin and King Ezezi (Esesi) of the 17th century. I was right then and now. Since my challenge of Professor Charles Osume’s article of Get off the backs of my children, I have not seen or received a reply from any Okpe Inteligentsia even as some claim that they are the only Okpe children whilst others simply refused to speak to me because I scuttled their evil chances to divide Urhobo in order to divide and rule. My dear brother and Sister; I come with the sword of truth and you just can’t bend and break this sword. For this sword had been listened to and acted upon by world renown organisations in anonymity.

For the information of some Okpe Lecturers especially those who send abuse emails to me with their pride unprudential of lecturing in history, King Ezezi is a Royal Name but not a natural name. The royal name has no origin in Benin with its time-line of 17th century. Rather; it was brought from Ancient Egypt by our Royal Fathers long ago before there was even the Ogiso. I attach so much importance to the Royal Name of Ezezi because I’m from the root of Ezezi quarters of Jeddo.

I had argued with Professor Charles Osume in my article that Ezezi (Esezi) Royalty was not a heritage of Benin of 17th Century based on my gut feelings and instinct of our history and I was right.

Since that argument, I have been searching history just to know more of my deep down heritage and to prove to my Okpe brothers and sisters especially the lecturers who rain abuse on me that I was right after all. What these Lecturers didn’t realise is that, the Oyibo intellectuals who drew a line for them has ulterior motive and that is, you dare not reveal the secret of how we stole your history and so therefore, we create empirical data for you in order for you to follow. They succeeded. If not; why will a brother deny his own Ancestral History. With this book of Okpotah Tephe and many more, I have proved myself right and them wrong & and that is to say, they have been teaching their students wrong history. Fella Anikulapo Kuti said, you should open eye when you follow book. In other words, Fella meant that you should reason and comprehend.

What some Professors don’t understand with empirical Data is that; it is a brick wall to stymie creativity, research into history and archaeological finds which had been stolen from our Cradle of Ancient Egypt. Because when you know your history which civilised the entire world, yes Urhobo History, you will be agitating to regain what had been stolen from you e.g, Akka (Original Akka in Ancient Egypt), Religion (Massive theft), Historical data, Artefacts, Gold and Emarauld, Land and Oil, Intellectual Property , and Books of Astronomy, Arithmetic, Astrology, Mashare-Thotah (Compass, 1st in the world), Agriculture, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bible (Aphabets, Oracle, Evba, Evwa, Ipha), Geography, Hieroglyphs ( the first Alphabet on earth), Architecture, Clairvoyance, Idu Cult, etc. All these were in the 42 books of Thotah (Thoth) which the Greeks renamed as Hermes Trismegistus.

Quote: “whenever Thotah is studied and venerated, civilisation has flourished” Unquote (The Hermetica; The Lost Wisdom of The Pharaohs, page xvii).

It has been the culture and traditions of the Urhobo to write and read & this is why Urhobo Ancestors invented the Hieroglyphs which culminated in writing down records, and history on tablets, on sheep skin, Bronze metal and on Okpakpere (Opapare, Yoruba), Papyrus, now Paper. Most of their prints are found in Tombs; Temples, inside Pyramids but one of the Temples which endured the test of time belongs to our Primordial Mother Isi. Her Temple holds the key to unravelling the origins of Religion. Yes, Religion as in origin of Christianity, Islam and Judahism.

If the usurpers of history and religion will allow our Scholars and Academics to know the source of what they have stolen viz aviz Arts and Sciences especially the 42 Books, some of our academics wouldn’t be arguing with me ignorantly and still be claiming superiority because they lecture classic history.

And our classic historians should know that Emperor Alexander wanted to place them where he wanted them hence our Library in Alexandra was destroyed whilst he removed the most important books including the removal of the contents of Tombs and Museums to Europe and from thence, Europeans began the numerous Academies to impart our Ancestral Urhobo and other ethnic groups knowledge (Stolen Legacy, G. James, p45). And that was after most of the Greek Philosophers e.g Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, and a host of others have travelled to study from our Ancestral Priests Kings (Ivie, now Levi, Ibid p44, with my emphassis). Mention must be made that the Royal Library was in Asiri-Akka which became Alexandria. But unfortunately, the last of the many Priests who was responsible to impart knowledge and handling of secrets past-on in the 6th Century. Perhaps he was murdered by the invaders (Ibid, p42, with my emphassis). However, what i argued in my last essay was spot-on.

In an unprecedented revelation, our Ancestors have vindicated my assertion as they opened another chapter in our history being the source of civilisation of the world. I just smiled when this book which old and modern European Historians identified as the Oldest book in the world presented itself to me effortlessly and i exclaimed Eurekka. The "TEACHINGS OF THE GOVERNOR/PREFECT: DJA OKPOTAH TEPHE IN ANCIENT EGYPT CIRCA 2388 B.C is what i termed the sealant of an engine that needs oil which drives my velocity for this Train. Also known as the Teachings of a Priest known as Ptah-Hotep, I once again give honour to whom honour is due, the translators, transliterators and transcribers of Europe did and still doing a marvelous job in revealing our Ancient Names, Names of places, Kings, Personalities, Nobles, etc. and the wholesome history of a people and be able to translate such names to be exact and near exact. Yet my own ethnic brother and sister in their laziness doubt themselves in ignorance. I honour Messrs Hilliard iii Asa G, Larry Williams and Nia Damali; these Editors did a wonderful job of deciphering the Hieroglyphs of the Prefect and overseer of the city which he, Okpotah Tephe presides.

In the introduction of the book (The Teachings of Ptahhotep), the Editors in citing Devaud (Devaud, 1916) Papyrus Prisse as pricipal source, used its translation of the Hierogphics to further arrive at their conclusion of the translation of the Kemetic Dynasty document first published in 2388 BC. Kemete, (Kemit) or Okiemute, which ever of these words our Ancestors mean, are all of Okpe language. However; this treatise known in history, i mean the Title called "Teachings of the Prefect of the city was written by Dja Ptah-Hotep (Okpotah Tephe) under the Majesty of the South and North, Assa Djedakare (Djedakara) who lives for ever to the end of time (The teachings of Ptah Hotep, p41). You cannot beat that even in your confusion not recognise Urhobo Words.

Again, the Editors were of the view according to the document that the teachings was set at a court of Esesi (Sic, Ezezi) in Dja Okpotah Tephe's request from His Roral Majesty King Assa Djedakare to allow his Son, that is, Dja Okptah's Son to work as apprentice Priest because he is very weak due to old age. And the King agrees to the request with an observation that the young cannot be born with wisdom unless bequethed on them by their fathers and learning by experience.

The brief above is just among many in the speech of Dja Okpotah Tephe in his request for retirement from King Ezezi (Royal Name), Assa Djedare (Natural Name).

In conclusion, this oldest book in the world vindicates me when i declared that Okpe Cultural group of Urhobo is not an appendage of other mundane history of 17th century; rather, our Okpe history existed even beyong 2388 B.C in the 5th Kemete dynasty (Ancient Egyptian) history period. More-over, the name Kemete is actually assumed by me as Kemete which means let my time come. Where-as Ezezi, a Royal Name and Assa Djedakare, a natural name, are hundred percent Okpe and indeed Urhobo names.

By Wilson Ometan


1. The Teachings of Ptahhotep, The oldest Book in the World. Edited by Asa G. Hilliard III, Larry Williams and Nia Damali.

2. The stolen Lagacy by George G. M. James

3. The Hermetica, The lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs, by Timothy Freke & Peter Grandy