April 02, 2020

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1). Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. By G. Edward Griffin, The Creature From Jekyll Island.

2). Question: Is there a vaccine that when injected in a people; it makes them docile? Answer: Yes.

3). Question: So whats the name of the vaccine, Answer: Its fear induced propaganda. And Propaganda can be voluntary or involuntary and it comes in many forms and types. The voluntary type comes from people, groups, or communities who thinks that they are better placed than you in their statements and attitudes. Whilst the involuntary types are rooted in persons that may not even know that they look down on you whilst showcasing their tradition which they inadvertently borrowed from you. And the receiver of this propaganda remain coiled in fear of being called a slave because he can't really speak out about his/her traditions for fear of being found out as fake but these same people are in freedom and liberty to challenge, attack their own persons and to question his diction and authority for revealing what is hidden. Such persons are termed complexed. By Wilson Ometan.

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4). Survival Of Our Traditions Of History et al.

If you look at our Urhobo history today, a discerning mind will realise that our nation's survival is fast disappearing because the traditions which made us whole are now relegated to the background in place of other nations. You may ask why? The reason is docility.

And docility and placidity are not the same. You can't be placid when in a country, everyone wipe their hands on your head after relishing your three course meal of breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst you look like donkey with all your bags of wisdom, degrees and traditional titles.

It is not vanity upon vanity; no, rather, its pure ignorance, fear of the unknown and laziness romancing with ineptitude by us and especially for those under the crumbs table of government.

You see; history of whatever tradition encompasses all branches of knowledge studied in school. Be it Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Alchemy, Cosmology, Biology, including other subjects the world knows of. Our Ancestors-Bless them, wrote them down originally. So, boasting that I champion the course of imparting these on others is never an epoch making history. I'm just a part of our Ancient Ancestors' Energy. Others have done it before and other guys will do it in the future & even better. It is therefore incumbent on you and me not to fail to sustain our nation's integrity, pride and the people's well-being. Failure is like the killing of our Ancestral energy which is impossible, for he is called Root. Killing the traditions which our Ancestors enunciated, created and civilised the world with while other nations recognise and use same to develop their world is not an option. Keeping mute by us is also not an option. WAKE UP, URHOBO AWAKE.

-------By Wilson Ometan------04/04/20

5). Plea For Peace To My Fellow Nigerian.

This Country will never know true peace or unity so long as ethnic arrogance, born of no known major achievements, rules the hearts of those who leads. And without peace and unity we most certainly will not move forward in meaningful developments.

Let no one or group think of himself or themselves more highly than they thought, when all that makes them proud is some historical accident of a former slave returnee who thought their fathers or grandfathers how to read and write in the white-man's way.

We need to understand our fellow country men and women. History holds the key to that understanding in a way that no other discipline can claim. Let us give History a chance to provide that understanding.

By The Revd. Canon Professor Obaro Ikime (History Lecturer, University of Ibadan. Excerpts taken from page 58 of his Book: HISTORY, THE HISTORIAN AND THE NATION, THE VOICE OF A NIGERIAN HISTORIAN. 23/05/20