December 25, 2020

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My profound appreciation to the Greeks; Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Arabs, Turks, French and English who came to Egypt, spied on her and conquered her in 627 BCE, 525 BCE, 333 BCE, 50 BCE, 7th century, 16th century and 19th century A.D. respectively.

Of these, my greatest respect goes to the Greeks who later became most of the Jews, they have strived to preserve the African Culture in the Bible even at our expense of changing most of the names. The now Europeans of the Mediterranean who were not known to have mythical gods, later proliferate in many gods after visiting Ancient Egypt which have more than 1000 gods. When it please them; our history becomes authentic and original but otherwise, the African history is all but myth. I disagree. African history is authentic, real and original and found in our Ancestral oral, archaeological, arts and traditional narratives. The Africans, the Ashkenazims including the Arabs at one time in history were Hapiru (Habiru) i.e. People without a state. “Labaya, the Lion Man (Lagbaja) too was a Hapiru in a land which stretch from Saudi Arabia to Ancient Egypt [The History of Ancient Israel; page 29, Michael Grant] (some my emphasis).

The Jews; one of the lineages arising from our Ancestor Abram (Abraham) should be respected and appreciated for keeping the tradition. But left with other children of Abram, some of the huge amount of our cultures would have been lost. While our Scholars who studied classic history are busy studying grammar and other modern history, the Jews were busy transforming the Bible. But in contrast, only the Jews were said to be oppressed, enslaved, raped and emasculated in Ancient Egypt. History dictates that those who went through these upheavals either lose their culture or die out. If so; how come the Jews remain strong and the great numbers of Blacks who left Ancient Egypt lost some of their Culture and identity. Tribute must be paid to the Judaic writers who re-wrote and re-edit the Abram history several times.


The Biblical Perspectives: The Bible made us believe that Abram the Mesopotamian was the Son of Terah who had Isaac, and Isaac begat Esau and Jacob. In Michael Grant’s book quoted above, the Author said these names may not have existed. Michael Grant who is no ordinary history Author continued on page 30 paragraph 2 that, “So anachronistic, inconsistent and aetiological (the science or philosophy of causation ) are the legends that have gathered round the figures of the Patriarchs that it cannot be stated for certain that they ever existed at all”.

On the 29th of October 1996, the New York Times in an article headlined “Scholars debate the origins of Yiddish and the migrations of Jews”, Arthur Koesler was quoted in his book, “The thirteenth tribe, published in 1996, where he suggested that the Eastern European Jews were not really Semitic, that they were largely descended from the Turkish Khazars who converted en-masse to Judaism in medieval times. In a 1993 book, Dr. Paul Wexler of Tel Aviv University, a linguist also expanded on Koestler’s thesis in “The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic people in search of a Jewish identity.

It is not surprising that the authentic Israelites history had been written off the history books in a form of historical gangsterism by using the four Patriarchs of Abram, Isaac and Esau and Jacob in the Old Testament in a bid to create their identity. While they killed off Isaac’s story after giving birth to Esau (Esa, Esaer, Osiris, Esiri) and Jacob (Yakoba, Uruoba), Jacob’s story became Israel of 12 tribes omitting Dinah who is female which made the number 13th tribe. Esau (Esiri: Esiris = plural becomes Osiris when “E” in Ancient Egypt become Hebrew “O”), who is the father of the Edomites (Edo?) was also killed off to be used in the New Testament in conceptualising the resurrection of Christ. Michael Grant agrees this version of the Biblical story is anachronistic because firstly, Isaac was not the father of Esau (Esiri, Osiris, and Orisha) historically rather; Esau and

The Bible in its fluidity; removed the Abram’s initial story, that he came from Ur of the Chaldeans which is in Summerian City of Jacob (Uruoba, Yakoba, Yakobaal) were born by Abram who adopted Isaac. And secondly; at an early stage, the names of Abram, Isaac and Jacob were associated with specific sanctuary of prehistoric origin i.e. Abram associated with Mamre which is beside Ephron in Judah the southern region of the country (Mamre: we have seen (Tory, Yoree), Ephron: Evbron, Effurun), these communities migrated from Ife in about the 7th A.D.

And Isaac is associated with Beersheba. By warrant of Genesis 26: 31-33 which reads; … and Isaac sent his servants to look for water by digging wells, a servant came back to tell Isaac that they have found water and called it Shebah, therefore, the city’s name became Beersheba. Meaning in Yoruba: that’s the way we met or found the water. The Yoruba knows that they have a town called Shaba today. And lastly, Jacob is associated with Schechem.Mesopotamia and his father from Terah. Abram Married Sarah, they had Isaac after Ismael and Sarah died whilst Abram bought a cave at Machpelah (Mashepelah) from the children of Heth (children of the 8th child of Jacob, Genesis 25: 8-10) but these children of Heth, eight were actually the children of Joseph (Juya) who was 8th in line of Jacobs 13 children.

The story in the Bible concerning Abram, Isaac, Esau and Jacob seems to be a re-echo of the Yoruba historical perspectives of the lineage of ARAMFE: Meaning, I have clean Body and Soul just like the Itsekiris will say: Egbelefife which means White Chicken connoting he who has clean hands or, white chicken has no hiding place. Every Scholar worth his salt knows that Egypt is the centre of civilisation in the world and we also know that we Africans migrated from Ancient Egypt yet none of us had been enthusiastic to dig out who our Patriarchs are except the great one, Sheik Anta-Diop. We also know that the flags of Greece and Israel are one and the same except our pyramids one standing and the other upside down forming the star of King David (Tutankhamon) and therefore these people cannot be the Israelites in the Bible who became our Patriarchs. People can be forgiven especially those who swallow hundred percent everything in the Bible without thorough critical analysis because names of places and people have been interchanged between Mesopotamia and Africa anachronistically which makes it difficult for the layman to understand the truth about the theft of the African history; Origin of Christianity, Origin of freemasonry and Spiritual concepts. These facts are archeologically abounded in Ancient Egypt as indicated in the Bible but same can’t be found in Israel. What is more annoying is the set of Christians among us whom their ethnic history they cannot account for yet they emit hot air in favour of those who stole their history.

The Yoruba Perspectives of Abram (Abraham, Aramfe)

In Yoruba creation narrative told in the Ooni’s Palace, the God of thunder and father of the Gods was called Aramfe. He had two Sons named Oduwa (Oduduwa) and Orisha.

Though Oduwa was the elder, he was said to steal the bag of wisdom and Art from Orisha his brother while he was asleep drunk. By this act, Orisha became angry with his senior brother Oduwa so much that he migrated to other lands thereby making him a Hapiru (Habiru). The same story is re-echoed in the story of Isaac, Esau and Jacob where Jacob cheated Esau with his birth right resulting in the transfer of blessings to Jacob and the eventual sojourn to other lands by Jacob. The Biblical narratives said Jacob wrestled with an Angel in Penuel (there is more to this), so was Oduwa who climbed down from Heaven in a chain.

While the history of Egypt predates that of the Biblical narratives, it is then sensible to believe that the compilers of the Bible in the first to fourth centuries must have re-wrote Isaac into the Biblical narratives. For example; Ahmed Osman, the author of “The Hebrew Pharaohs of Egypt” cited an example in the Hebrew Talmud which claim that Isaac was adopted by Abram. Therefore; it is very likely that Oduwa is the same person as Jacob and Orisha is the same person as Esau (Is Esau now Eshu? Because he sought to kill Jacob?). Both are children of Abram and above all Abram is the same person as Aramfe. The supposedly mythical Isaac is the same person as Ooni (Oonise). The fact that Isaac was adopted is supported by Kunle I. Sowunmi in his website comments in reaction to the Book: I remain Sir; your obedient servant written by our King of Benin, Iku Onokpokpolo, Oba Erediawa concerning the migration of Ekhaladeran (Izoduwa, Oduduwa). Sowunmi commented that the Ooni was not the child of Oduduwa. The Hebrew Talmud supports this argument. But to further prove the authencity of these Yoruba names and their place in history, the Hebraic Equidistant Letter Sequencing (ELS) shall be used to decode the names thus:-

For example: ARAMFE = ABRAM







Using Greek and Heriatic alphabets, the Egyptian (Yoruba) names were changed into Hebrew thus:-

The first letter O is Greek O

The second letter D is Greek T and T is hieratic X

The third letter U is Greek U

The fourth letter D is Greek D

The fifth letter U is Greek U

The sixth letter W is Hieratic S

The seven letter A is Hieratic K pronounced ‘eh’

This gives: OXUDUSE. And according to the Zohar sequencing system, the last vowel is either jettisoned or taken to the front of the word, and the second to the last letter is removed and placed behind the first letter. But in this case, the last vowel ‘E’ is placed first and the third letter ‘O’ is placed third to read EXODUUS. The conversion of the second letter ‘D’ to ‘X’ explains the reason why Oduduwa later became Oduwa.

Please Note: The Hebrew word ‘Zohar’ which means the Light Splendour (Sun) when transliterated in Hausa and Urhobo will mean one thing i.e. Hausa will say Zoh to mean come, the other ‘ar’ swings both ways just like the sun goes and come in both directions in Urhobo i.e. ‘Re’, ‘Ra’ which means the come and go of the sun god. Also in Urhobo, the word ‘Era’ means six (6). Therefore Era Era Era is 666, and 6 is ‘W’ in Greek alphabet. This gives www (World Wide Web). Hmmmmmmmmm.


Using hieratic, Greek and Hebrew texts


U in Uruoba is Y in Hieratic and J in Hebrew

R in Uruoba is K in Hebrew

U in Uruoba is O in Hebrew

O in Uruoba is A in Hebrew

B in Uruoba is B in Hebrew

A in Uruoba is A in Hebrew

Therefore, YKOABA and JKOABA. Using letter sequencing, YKOABA becomes Yakoba which is also Jakoba. When the last letter is jettisoned, we will have Jakob. But if we accept Yakoba as example and ‘R’ is used in the place of ‘K’, the result is Yaroba. The ‘U’ in Hebrew is also O in Egypt and the Hebrew ‘A’ is also ‘O’ in Egypt letters to give YORUBA.

URUSALIM: Let’s not forget that Urusalim later evolved to become Jerusalem.


Using Greek, Hieratic and Hebrew Texts

The OO in Oonise is also ‘V’ ‘V’ in Greek and Hebrew texts. Turn the V V upside down to give us A A. Add the A A to NISE to give us AANISE. In Ancient Egypt, the last vowel is jettisoned to give AANIS. And using letter sequencing, place the second letter ‘I’ at the front of the word to read IAANS and place the letter S behind I to read ISAAN. The Hebrew letter N (which is Aleph) is hieratically close to the letter K in Hieratic (which is also Aleph) and this gives us ISAAK. But with time, Isaak evolved to become Isaac.


Changing Aramfe to Abram was quite simple for them. Using letter sequencing, they jettisoned the last vowel ‘E’ in Aramfe. The Egyptian letter ‘F’ which is also V and B in Hebrew was placed behind ‘A’ to read Abram.

These are not the only techniques employed by the compilers of the Bible; others styles were also used for example: Most names of the Ancient Egyptians were associated with their Gods e.g. Ra or Re, the Sun God. Ezra the Priest was one of them and so was Keturah the wife of Abram after Sarah’s death and Rebekka the wife of Isaac to name few. Remove the ‘Re’ god and we will get Eze, Ketu and Abekke. Could the Ewe ethnic group of West Africa be the descendants of Keturah, for I read it somewhere that they are originally from Ketu.

Finally, one interesting revelation found in the Bible was told by Alhaji Abdala Sadiq; the Steward of our late Prime Minister Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, in the Tell Magazine of January 30th 2006 exclusive story headlined “Balewa’s Last Moments”. On page 26 of the Magazine, Alhaji Sadiq in an answer to the interviewers, said the land in which the late Prime Minister was buried in Bauchi is not owned by the Yakubus but by the Ajuyas. This is a fantastic revelation. In Ancient Egypt, Yakubu represent Yakoba who was Jakob. And Jakob had 13 children of which Juya was the 8th child. By the way, what’s the meaning of Tafa wa, Baale wa. But what we certainly know is that, Yakoba or Jakoba is YORUBA.