March 08, 2020

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Early Political Succession Systems In Urhobo (Originally Akka Town), Now Known As Benin Kingdom.

This is the political system practised before the Benin Era. We should note here that the Idu Party founded Akka in 599 A.D; if what Professor Omoregie gave as an account is true. Whilst the Urho system subsists before the Ovie, (Ogie/Ogiso) period from 900-1200 A.D.

It is imperative for Idu children to know that the Ovie system is no other but a Priesthood system. After the Assassination of Oba Seqenere in Ancient Egypt by Ovie Akpobisi (Akpobisi is originally Benin) in circa 1570 (The Hiram Key, page 131), the Urhobo monarchy group became Priests. The same tradition rippled till date when, we use the system of priesthood in Corronation of an Oba, a practice still enjoyed by the British Monarchy, but the Benin monarchy being a Priesthood, have used it as superiority tool when Urhobo Kings goes to Benin for investiture. Its a system which the Yoruba Ooni also uses as same as the Benin, they are Priestly Kings. This is what we see in the Bible as Levi, Levi is plural of Ivie. Just capitalise the first "i" in ivie and bring the "E" behind the "V" and you will get Levi. The redactors of the Bible were clever Africans and Europeans alike.

In 1000 A.D, After the death of the gerontocratic Ovie (Now Ogie) Ruler Orire in an Urho political System (Urho and Orire are both Urhobo Names), the Royal Council sought to abolish the gerontocratic, AgodomeAgodo (Agodomeagodo means my Palace is my Palace) system. But i'm not sure if this supposedly royal council were all Urhobo who in their clear minds will abolish their system of government, when we realise that this is the period when the Yoruba group were invading the Iduland.

However; Between 1000-1050 after the Monarch Orire had ceased, the Council of Nobles became mixed with Yoruba names. This was the period that we started having king names in Yoruba as Oba but before this period ended, there were 19 Ovies whose names represent the Six groups that founded Akka. They were; Odia, Ighido, Evbobo, Ogbeide, Emehen, Akhuankhuan, Ekpigho, Efeseke, Irudia, Odion, Etebowe, Imarhan, Orria, Emose, Orrorho, Irrebo, Ogbomo, Agbonzeke and Ediae. Looking carefully; these names represent the six founding groups of Iduland and later admittant the Benin. I mean the Idu children and grand children.

And when we look at the tradition of succession of rulership which evolved in four levels of socio-political authority with two types of social ladder, you will not be in doubt that Idu children founded Akka but not Benin Ancestor who is actually Edo.

The four levels were:

(1) The Erha which means six (6) in Akka (Urhobo Language) language. He heads the nuclear family made up of Urho (House gates) by using the hereditary Urho type of succession. This is the gerontocracy system still practised in Uvwie till date. Such was practised in Udo during the Ovie period. Ovie however in Benin tongue is Ogie.

(2). The Oka-Egbee (Egbe) heads Iko-Egbee. This is a Kinship family which is made up of Urho (house gates). By house gates, it's meant that children being offshoots of one father but different mothers. These are made up of Erha (6) gates in rotative succession.

(3). The Odionwere heads the Iko-Odion Evbo. Odion Evbo is the Village Council which is made up of Oka-Egbee gates in a rotating type of succession.

(4). The Ovie (Priestly King) heads the IkoR'Eguare which is made up of accredited Owere gates, by using Urho type or the Oka-egbee type of succession. There goes the two Social Ladder of Urho system which is Seniour and Oka-egbee system which is Junior to Urho sustem.

It is very important for Idu children to have the knowledge of Oka and Akka. Oka means one Mark whilst Akka means more than one Mark. It is this Oka and Akka that we find in the Alphabets, and we also find in the Bible book of Psalm 119. It is this same Oka and Akka we found in the Oracle, Evba, (Epha, Ifa, Fa). This same Akka became Archaeology, Academy, Architect, etc. In fact, from Oka and Akka religion was born.

By Wilson Ometan


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