April 20, 2020

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Aura of the Idu Party still covers me.

THESE ARE THE NAMES OF THE GROUPS THAT FOUNDED IDU LAND (Urhobo Land with headquarters in AKKA, Now Benin) in the 6th Century AD.

1. AKKA (First Child group, Uvwie and Udo), 2. Efa (Epha, now Urhobo), 3. Emehi (Okpe), 4. Kuku (Etsako, grand child), 5. Esan (Ishan, grand child), 6. Ihobo, also known as Irhobo, now Itsekiri, grand child), 7. Azama (Benin, grand child) It was later in years that Azama joined the group.

And for clarity; these are the four names of the daughters of Idu whose lineage were 1). Kuku, 2). Esan, 3). Ihobo i.e Tsekiri and 4). Ezama, i.e Benin. Their Mothers were: Uwa, Iro, Ehi, and Ose. I however could not ascertain at the moment who exactly was their individual mothers. Will have to do more work in my research to find out.

These groups from 1 to 6 except Azama (7th) who was a Priest; made the declaration of Iduland in 6th AD at Ugboka which is now in the town of Benin. It is also from the Ancestral name of Idu, that the naming of Idumu (Street, quarters) originate and began from. On the other hand, the Azama people are of Edo lineage but their mother was from Idu lineage. In other words, from the area of Niger Benue which is also known as the Nok culture region and upto the Atlantic Ocean (The Delta Coast) is known as Iduland. Idu is Odovan (Nomen, Nickname) of Esiri who is the father of Urho. And Urho (Uroh) was said to be Obo (Priest) hence the combination of Urho and Obo to arrive at Urhobo Name. (Great Benin 1, page 85, Great Benin 2, page 5, with my emphasis)

Note: Because Efa’s (Epha, Evba) name is symbolic for Oracle and Priesthood, his Name of Urhobo, was adopted for all the groups after we left Akka (Now Benin)

By Wilson Ometan