February 27, 2021

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By Wilson Ometan

Not to know is bad. Not to wish to know is worse.

Igbo Proverb (Source: The Commission for Africa)

In matters of religion it is very easy to deceive a man, and very hard to undeceive him' ([Pierre Bayle, Dictionary, 1697][Crucifixion of Truth pg. 91])

Faith is not knowledge' (Chillingworth, Religion of Protestants, pp 66, [Crucifixion of Truth, pg. 67])

The only remedy for superstition is knowledge' (History of Civilization in England, Buckle, Crucifixion of Truth, pg. 107)

In the past, we have heard the chorus from people of Igbo speaking ethnic group of Nigeria that they are Jewish in origin. That a certain Israeli Diplomat to Nigeria said so.I asked what is the link but nobody can tell exactly how, when and where this happened. Just like the Acronym N.E.W.S representing News, Jews may be Acronym for Jericho, East, West, and South of that land called Israel and Palestine today. Those inhabiting the present land are the migrants from the surrounding Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Desert. Truly, Jericho is on the North of the map of the land thereby representing ‘N' (J) of the NEWS (Jews) acronym. Note: If any body knows the literal meaning of Jews, please let me know.

Indeed, ‘Ezra known as a Jew in the Bible wrote in the Bible that he and five scribes wrote the important books in the Old Testament i.e. the Torah, probably in Mount Horeb, now called Sinai. Ezra was not a Jew by today's calculation because he was a Priest of the Egyptian god-Ra. This is one of the evidences that we Blacks, once inhabited that stretch of land from Israel/Palestine to Egypt . The name Ezra {EZE-RA}with the second ‘E' removed sounds with a combination of two syllables of Eze and Ra, and Eze as we know linguistically belongs to the Ibo stock. Ibo people may not have biological bloodline with the Europeans but once have shared the same land, the same upheaval under King Nebuchadnezzar 11, the same captivity under Persia with fellow Africans in the past. Naturally the Ibo people must have intermarried just like any other group with the Caucasians, the Arabs and probably with the Shenshong people who once invaded Egypt.


Fact: Some of the people among the many principalities of Urhobo ethnic group nowadays have a mixture of Ibo people and other groups of Nigerians. For instance; my cultural group of Uvwie, an Urhobo sub-cultural group in our migration journey from Egypt, have settled in Orugbo, in Ondo, settled in Ife, settled in Erohwa, settled in Aboh, settled in Uvwie ro'rho, settled in Evwereni, settled in Patani, settled in Ughelli until we pitched tent in Ekpan, Effurun and their other sister towns. (The Urhobo People, Onigu Otite, 1982). In the process of these movements, we undeniably intermarried with the people we met on the way. Same can be apparently said of the Itsekiri, the Benin , the Ishan, the Ijaw any other groups in Nigeria in their migrations from Egypt .

The Ibo people on the other hand had migrated and mixed with the Urhobo people during upheavals or by infiltration due to their aggressive economic and business endeavours. The piece below by Nowa Omoigui best illustrate the Ibo mix with Urhobo people. Those of us who discriminate against other groups may be discriminating against their own people.


By Dr. Nowamagbe Omoigui (Edo speaking Benin man)

QUOTE: Be that as it may, is it not true that the traditions of origin, migration and ethnic mixing of the following Urhobo-Isoko village groups are as follows?

1. Agbarho (Agbadu or Otovbodo) - mixed Urhobo-Isoko

2. Ujevbe - Mein Ijaw origin (note that Mein Ijaw is Edoid)

3. Udu - Mein Ijaw origin

4. Evbreni - Igbo origin

5. Olomu - mixed Igbo , Benin and Mein Ijaw origin

6. Ewu - Mein Ijaw and Benin

7. Arhavbarien - Igbo origin

8. Okparabe - founded by Kumbuowa Ijaw Man with Benin Title

9. Owha group (Ughele, Agbarha, Ogo, Orogun) - Tirakiri-Ijaw and Benin

10. Agbon - mixed Urhobo, Itsekiri and Benin elements

11. Abraka - ?early Benin migration of proto-Edoid group

12. Okpe-Urhobo - founded by Igboze, a son of the Oba. Later joined by Olomu, an Igbo

13. Uvbie - migrants from Erohwa

14. Oghara - settlements on land of the Benin Kingdom

15. Idjerhe (Jesse) - settlements on land of the Benin Kingdom

16. Arokwa (Erohwa) - aboriginal Benin (Edoid) speakers

17. Okpe-Isoko - sons of Igboze, mixed with Igbos

18. Ozoro - founded by Okpe-Isoko who absorbed some aboriginal groups;

another account says it was founded by a son of the Oba of Benin

19. Ofagbe - founded from Ozoro

20. Aviara - founded by Eze Chima movement from Benin , joined by

Erohwa and later migrants from Benin

21. Iyede - founded by "three men from Benin ".

22. Emevo - founded by migrants from Benin

23. Enhwe (Okpolo) - mixture of Igbos and Evbreni people

24. Igbide - founded by Igbo from Awka (mixed with Uvbie people)

25. Emede - founded by a son of the founder of Igbide

26. Uwheru - founded by Mein Ijaw (Amassuama)

27. Owe - migrants from Benin .

28. Elu - broke off from Owe and absorbed Edoid aborigines

29. Olomoro - broke off from Olomu

30. Usere - founder fled from Benin through Issele-Uku

31. Iri - split off from Usere

32. Ole - split off from Usere, and then mixed with some Okpe people. ENDQUOTE

SOURCE: R.E. Bradbury: The Benin Kingdom and the Edo speaking peoples of South-Western Nigeria; London, International African Institute 1957.

Well, the above treatise was a modern history. Let's go down memory lane in Ancient Egypt.

The Ancient Egyptians i.e. our forefathers have the tradition of initiation into cults to gain eternal life. In the process of initiation under the pyramids, humans are slaughtered for rituals. Perhaps eat them too because modern evidence have proved that we are cannibals. In Ancient Egypt, the members of a cult who perform rituals and initiation for a particular purpose are called Leo group of people. The Leo meaning Lion in today's English is represented by the Sphinx statue in Egypt. Their other group name was PARDS (P.A.R.D.S: acronym for key stages in the initiation) which has evolved to be Paradise. So called because the end result after initiation into the cult is the gaining of “Eternal Life”. Only Kings, i.e. Pharaohs, Priests and other nobles have this privilege in Ancient Egypt. The collective name of this group is “Leopards” derived from leo and pards. This has been the origin of the word leopard for an animal in the group of lions. It is also the group name of the cultists of which culture is found in Edo and Ibo. (Edo: a combination of Benin, Ijaw, Itsekiri, Ishan, Ga, and Urhobo languages).

The British expedition of 1897 into Benin kingdom saw it destroyed and among the over two thousand artifacts looted were two bronze Leopards, and these two bronzes can be located in New York Museum.

Benin according to John Gunther, in his Book; Inside Africa (pg 749, 1955), he wrote: “Benin ran with blood; courtyards were paved with human skulls, and a favourate article of food on literally big ceremonial occasion was the human heart”. In other words, the human heart was the main delicacy for pepper soup.

In 1947, the epidemic of ritual killings by Leopards reach its height in Ibo land. Seventy of them were caught, tried and executed. Also in 2004, history repeated itself in Okija when members of the Police Force in Anambra state raided the group's shrine to find rotting corpses used for rituals.

We have such cases all over Africa such as Uganda, Dahomey where the King, Dan, eats his enemies, the Congo people of Basalampasu were also known ritualist canibals.

A very recent occurrence is found in the news we received from newspapers including a calendar printed from such ritual killings in my dear Urhobo Land. Under the now famous? Or notorious Otokutu Bridge in Warri were some ritual killers pretending to be mad people. They were found with body parts. In actual fact, they were sane businessmen cum killers for the affluent in the society. Three were reported seen but one got away and the other two were summarily linched-executed. The pictures below explains the lack of fear of God; and signifies anarchy, ignorance, bestiality and man's inhumanity to man. The pictures also best explain the fact that; poverty causes cannibalism yet the IMF and the World Bank sees Nigeria as a wealthy country. The truth is; Nigeria is not a wealthy country due to the conspiracy enshrined in the self serving rules of IMF and World Bank.

When there are no jobs; good roads, electricity, schools, health systems, water systems and infrastructures for development of policies, then there is poverty. Yet these Finance Houses continue to pauperize the people in order to sell their birth right. Ignorance breeds poverty and poverty breeds cannibalism.

(photos missing).

However, the culture of cannibalism and human sacrifice had been with us for ages. The picture and stories of ritual and events above have proved that, this culture belongs to us, i.e. those who worship Isis, Horus, Osiris, Baal, Ra, Elohim, Anunakhi, Skioped-A one legged; armed, eyed and half nose man-gods. The Urhobo called this god Aziza or Okronwogbowovo; the Yoruba calls it Ajija, the god of dust storm.

Indeed, it is this group of gods the writer of the Torah meant in referring to the book of Genesis (Gene of Isis). It reads: And God said, (meaning Atum), let us create man in our own image, the image of the many gods. These gods were seen as having supernatural spiritual strength/power, because some had both human, Spirit and animal esoteric skills. Dog for instance has the skill and gift of sensing hidden drugs and humans in an earthquake devastation. There is also a revelation in the Bible that men were sleeping with animals and Angels.

This culture can also be found in the developed world today as reported in the news in Russia, Japan, the US, Germany, England etc. Man had been a cannibal right from the origin of time but funny enough, I have not seen a female cannibal.

Ezra just after the Babylonian-Exile noted these bizarre killings plus other anomalies which is why he designed 613 Commandments and claimed that he was given by God.



Priest Ezra (Eze-Ra)

Any decent human being will do what Ezra did in a society of anarchy and hopelessness. The name Eze is predominant among Igbo people of Nigeria. Up-till now we can't see Eze-type of name among the ethnic groups of scholars and Presbyters of Latin, Greek, Roman and few Africans who gathered in Nicaea to canonize the Bible in 325 AD including the subsequent Councils where the Bible was revised and re-revised to soothe their conspiracy. In their interests to fool many of us, the Bible have been tampered with so much that the Black race have been skimmed out of it. The ancient Egyptian culture have been turned on its head whereas, these same group were responsible for spying on our forebears in Egypt and eventually drove the great multitude in an Exodus to the promised Land where we are in today (Nigeria). For instance, Ancient Egypt has the most population during her time in Africa. Interestingly, Nigerian has the most population today in Africa. Such names like Samuel and Emmanuel are suspicious names which might be Hausa and Ibo respectively. For, Samuel may be Musa, plus El rearranged. The El is God of Vegetation. There are representations of Cattle/Cow, meat and the culture of their rearers in the book of Samuel. Also, there must be meaning for E/Immanu in Igbo language. Nigerians please look deeply.

Ezra is a re-arranged name taken from Eze and Ra . Meaning Priest ‘Eze' of the God ‘Ra' [Note: Nowhere in Africa and Middle East where we have a people with the name Eze; a semblance of it is in Southern Africa where there are names beginning and ending with either Zi or Za ]

Interestingly, Ezra's natural name given him by his father was Osasife (Osasiphe) an Igbo speaking person [ He was a Mose (Moshe, Moses). Mose is a title given to initiates after successfully undergoing the process of acquiring the degrees of the Ritual into the Mystery of natural science, the esoteric and exoteric]. The Historian, Manetho wrote that Osasife was an adept in exoteric and his adopted PARDS'( Paradise ) name was Os-Ra, an abbreviation of Osiris [Esiri] (Oziri) and Ra.

It was this great priest Ezra who triumphantly led our forebears from Babylon. (Note: there were two Babylons; the first and original Babylon was situated in Egypt known as ‘ON') [Important: Babylon was originally called Pere-hapion which means giver god in Izon (Ijaw), other European writers say that it means ‘Estate of the god at ON' ]

On arrival in Palestine from the second babylon ezile, Ezra attached himself with Nehemiah (Another suspicious name which sounds like Itsekiri especially when Akhenaten an Itsekiri (name) Pharaoh ruled Jerusalem (Uru-salim) before. Nehemiah who rebuild much of Jerusalem was a governor under Artaxerxes (Greek?) the ruler of Judaea . Ezra used the library of Nehemiah when the latter offered Ezra his collection of books saying: ‘If therefore ye have need thereof, send someone to fetch them unto you'.

Ezra the Priest according to Manetho's Aegyptiaca; was a man of extraordinary learning, patience and status. Also, an important personality who received candidates into the secret rites of Osiris, the highest of the leopards' rites of Ancient Egyptian mysteries. He had power to appoint Judges and Magistrates but took care not to encroach on political matters. He was called a ‘Scribe of the law of God' (i.e. the 613 commandments)

It was Ezra who commissioned five Scribes to write the first authentic part of the old Testament. The Scribes were 1). Elkanah, [ Sounds like Ogoni or Adonis ethnic group of Izon name ] 2). Saraia, 3). Dabraia, 4). Selemia, and 5). Osiel. Three of these names have ‘IA at the end of them. The ia pronounced Ya means “Write” in Uvwie language. The Uvwie language is a combination of Isoko , Benin , Aboh, Yoruba, Itsekiri, Ibo languages all rolled into one with the root in Ancient Egypt. Is it a co-incidence that the scribes are writers? Again, Selemia (Selemo?), Dabria (Dabriye?) sounds Izon to me. Osiel (Osi?) might be Ibo because the EL in Osiel means the god Elohim.

These Scribes with Priest Eze took a sabbatical leave in a Temple probably in Mount Horeb now Sinai to write the laws to forestall the people's culture of worshipping Idols, fornication, adultery, cannibalism, sleeping with animals etc.

He steered the people away from worshipping many gods to start worshipping his single God-Ra, hence we have Ezra .i.e. Priest Eze of Ra God. Ra god is the Egyptian Sun God. The Ra God was later in evolution represented in Ancient Egypt by Horus the ( Sun ) Son of ‘Osiris'-the Father, and ‘Isis'-the Mother.

The Image of the Sun can be found embedded in today's religion-Christianity. For instance, the Halo on Mother of Christ, Christ and his disciples is a representation of the Sun. We also have Images of Christ blazing through the cloud with the sun as a background.

Interestingly, Christ which existed some five thousand years after Horus, had astonishing likeness in characteristics with Horus. These characteristics are originally germane to the life and times of the god Horus in Egypt in the past before Christ. For instance: The table below illustrates the similarities between the god of the Egyptians and the god of Christianity.

HORUS: CIRCA 5000 BC ----------------JESUS CHRIST: CIRCA 6 BC-AD 30

1) Horus was the son of God in Egypt . • Christ was the son of God in Israel.

2) Horus was the light of the world. • Christ was the light of the world

3) Horus was the way, truth, & the life. • Christ was the way, truth, & the life

4) Horus was born in Annu (On), the place of bread. • Christ was born in Bethlehem, the house of bread

5) Horus was the good shepherd • Christ was the good shepherd

6) Seven people board a boat with Horus • Seven people board a boat with Christ

7) Horus was the lamb • Christ was the lamb

8) Horus was identified with a cross • Christ was identified with a cross

9) Horus was baptised at 30 • Christ was baptised at 30

10) Horus was born by a virgin called Isis • Christ was born of a virgin call Mary

11) Horus birth was marked by a star • Christ birth was marked by a star

12) Horus was a child teacher in the temple • Christ was a child teacher in the temple

13) Horus has 12 followers • Christ has 12 disciples

14) Horus was the morning star • Christ was the morning star

15) Horus was the krst • Jesus was the Christ

16) Horus was tempted by Seth on a mountain • Christ was tempted by Satan on a mountain

17) • Jesus Christ will judge the dead; but the fact is, there are other numerous gods who will judge the dead too, and who existed before Christ. They are: Nimrod, Krishna, Buddha, Ormuzd, Osiris, Aeacus, etc. Jesus is the alpha and omega, the first and the last, so was Krishna, Buddha, Lao-kium, Bacchus, Zeus, etc. Jesus was said to have healed and performed miracles, so was Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Bochia, Horus, Osiris, Serapis, Marduk, Bacchus, Hermis, etc.

PROPHET EZEKIEL [Eze, Anuna (ki), El (ohim) ]

The opening chapter in the book of Ezekiel up to chapter three tells a narrative of some of the visions of Prophet Ezekiel. It explains how, when and where he saw Aliens and their Crafts landing and taking off. It was in the fifth year of King Jehoiachin captivity. Another suspicious name; for King Jehoiachin might be Ishan or Ga. [The name is likely to mean the gods have gone or going ]. Ezekiel's was the story of technologically advanced beings and their Science and Technology. Believe me, the most technologically sound people in Nigeria and indeed Africa are the Igbos with a trickle from Delta State and other parts of the Country Nigeria.

The name Ezekiel when broken down in three syllable comprises of EZE, KI, and EL. Eze is Igbo name for leader, King and Priest. KI may have been taken from the god Anunakhi, while EL was taken from the gods of vegetation Elo [him] (Urhobo god of vegetation). This means that he was a priest of gods. Curiously; Ezekiel's father's name is Buzi , meaning he who was born to carry the burden or responsibility of leadership, in Igbo language. Add onye to Buzi and you will get Onyebuzi.

(African should please think deeply. Our culture and heritage have been robbed of us and we are left deaf and blind. There is an enormous economic capital in the History of the Black race only if we have a common course. Annoyingly, the robbers of our culture are the same people who claims that we have no history of development hence we cannot control the strings of financial power of the world. It is a lie.