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Sep 12, 2020
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When ‘I’ is replaced By ‘we’, Even ‘Illness Becomes ‘wellness’. (by anonymous).


Every human, tribe, ethnic group, nation state and country has a destiny. But destiny is not only about esoteric, divine and spiritual blessings & favour by God; rather, destiny is about what people dream for, fight for, create for and bid for. Every serious Nation, in order to actualise this destiny, go all out to cultivate this destiny by using skills, knowledge, money and other wealth to make it possible. A nation, tribe or ethnic group that fails to dream of her destiny fails in almost everything i.e. lose self, lose wealth of its heritage, lose language, lose land, lose culture, traditions etc. Indeed, Urhobo is at the verge of almost losing everything because of her lack of destiny at the moment, the destiny which our glorious ancestors bequeathed on us. We are not only lacking this, we are also lacking the knowledge of our past history. And when you lose your history, you are bound to repeat the mistakes of history. The Europeans who built their civilisation from our heritage still read and learn from our history and develop their skills on it till now. Forget the lies told about Ancient Egypt. It is your heritage.


History is the witness that testifies to passing of time; it illuminates reality, vitalise memory, provides guidance in daily life and brings us tidings of antiquity. Cicero-106 BC-43 BC. History is what changes this world from archaic to modernity. In fact; it was from the history of the ancients that all the mathematical formulas and scientific break-throughs were sourced. Indeed we were in 1st Akka (Ancient Egypt). The Greeks, Romans and other groups drove us away. We were in 2 nd Akka (Now Benin) before we left to this part of the world after many upheavals. We indeed left some Urhobo people in 2nd Akka where they are a minority in their own land. It is not that our ancestors did not try to protect their children, they did but those whom were left the responsibility didn’t dream enough and those who had their dreams activated came from the west, conquered them with their political destiny to wrestle our royalty from them and by then, the monarchy controls the livers of the economy, politics, agriculture, business, etc.

Our Urhobo ancestors of the 900-1000 AD either failed by not using their majority to uphold their right of ownership or did not pursue their destiny. And the result of their lack of destiny was one of the reasons why Urhobos are being called bad names but I have discovered in the world over that any group who calls a certain other group names are themselves thieves of cultures and have no genuine and original history of their own. We failed to use our majority by 900 AD and in modern times of today we are still failing to have a common dream of pursuing our destiny. History should teach us that having been pushed from Egypt through Lake Chad and the Benue Niger area, to the 2nd Akka, we have reached the region where we cannot seek any more land to move to hence we must create and fight for our destiny otherwise, it will be to your tent o’Israel. When you look around you, no other tribe on our boundaries like us and we cannot afford to fail again to defend ourselves. Five months ago; some Urhobo leaders including a monarch, went to Abuja to change the course of our struggle for the creation of Urhobo State. The carefully documented work of how qualified we are by meaningful elders headed by Chief Felix Ibru and which was presented to the Senate after an arduous job by these elders was diminished by some leaders as they want to appease some groups on our borders. Their aim was to assuage and mitigate for other groups who have been drawing us back since the 1st Akka. But like a slap in the face; these groups came out smoking most recently when they aligned with the Hausa in declaring that they don’t support the creation of a state from the present Delta State. We cannot be foolish for all the generations of this world. The Urhobo man/woman should know thyself. We should turn this mind-set round by refusing to be disenfranchised in the politics of today. Selling or giving your vote in a way or the other is indeed selling your destiny. When you sell your vote to the other man just because you married from Zungeru, your socio-economic and political destiny becomes another man’s wealth thereby losing our common destiny. You have lost a life time for many generations. Our common man of the street who is not in the hue of knowing these grammar are themselves make the bulk of voters that are easily fooled to sell their rights and livelihood. We should get the message to all and sundry about our common destiny by forming groups to educate ourselves with a spread across the boundaries of classes. Come to think of it, we have no political set-up and very scanty number of press houses which act as lobby groups.

Different groups can draw and design modality and types of political & economic systems in this type of revolution. People need to look at theirs and Urhobo destiny before they act in the groups we have to form. And the proselytising of this destiny of oneness should be a type we enjoyed in the good old days when our unity was solid. Titled Eku R’Esiri; Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Methodists and Anglican churches of the past uses this Esiri Mantra to preach the word of God in those days but incidentally, Esiri is our authentic and original ancestor who begat the whole Urhobo Nation. By whole Urhobo, I mean all 22 ethnic groups including Okpe and Isoko. I also discovered that the object of unity in many nations had been the founder of these nations. For Urhobo, He is Esiri who begat Urho. Most importantly, Esiri’s characteristics, his son’s (Urho) and wife’s (Isi) characteristics is what civilised the entire world today.

The culture of their era originally is what began the economic, political, religious and scientific development systems of the world (Stolen legacy, p12). Indeed, these metamorphose into the academies of the middle ages which transform Europe and which also became their mythical god’s great histories that we became awed with. Of the so-called great revolutions or renaissance of the west; viz-aviz Religion, Royalty, Political systems, economy, engineering and agriculture of the west, I will only discuss RELIGION being an object of civilising the world. It was taken from Esiri (Urhobo) tradition but only in brief I will treat it here. Religion has civilised us all as claimed by our colonisers. It is from our religion that we learned of the authentic 22 Alphabets which we all developed from in our educational systems. Interestingly, Urhobo has 22 ethnic groups and again, the 22 characters which has transformed into other languages but still have the authentic Urhobo names in some of the characters.

Whereas we should be of pride of this heritage, the children of others have taken our position in claiming ownership due to ignorance of our ancestral heritage (history). Not anymore, I am exposing some of the secrets here now. Verily Verily I say unto you that most of the traditions you see in the bible were taken from the culture, skills, traditions and history of the Urhobo.

You may not believe me now but if you don’t, I implore you to do your thorough research and if you failed to do that; then wait patiently for my book and if you still don’t believe the great expose, then perhaps, you have to wait for some 20 to 30 years when the environment will be awash with revelations and conducive to receive these, for I certainly know that it will reveal itself in the long run. Other cultural groups whose traditions were embedded in the bible are the Yoruba, the Romans and Greeks who used the Yoruba to translate the works of Ancient Egypt but more vividly present were the Itsekiris who by then were known as Jebus. It is not that our Urhobo Ancestors have not created and fought for our destiny; they actually invented it as we can see in Hermes Trismegistus, a Greek word which means thrice great. This thrice great which has the motifs of the three religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism was a part of the forty two (42) books of science. Interestingly, these 42 books also involve the rituals in the Zohar ( part of 23 volumes of the Kabbalah) known as Iyeh [Note that the Kabbalah is now a preserve of the Jews]. We know what Iyeh means in Urhobo. Also; In Ancient Egypt, the Hermes (Thota) Trismegistus motifs which are in the Temple of Isi, can also be found in the temple of Esiriaka [Osiriaca] (Stolen legacy, p132, some my emphassis). The temple’s name speaks for itself. Indeed; evidence of these can be found in the book of Isaiah 19:19 which state WHERE the creator gave mankind through Urhobo Ancestors the wisdom of the WORD (Okpotah in an Altar and Pillar). In John 1:1 it declared that in the beginning was the Word and the word was with God and the Word was God. Yet in Genesis 1:26, it says; let us create man in our own image.

My dear Urhobo People, I ask you this: How many Ancestors makes up Irivwin R’Agodo. The answer is more than one. However; if you follow the book of John 1:1 through to verse 9, you will see Uvo (Sun) through which God gave mankind the WORD (Okpotah: add Igi [Yoruba] to Okpotah [Urhobo]) and you will receive Igipt (Igypt, Egypt).

In Scientific terms, Okpotah is called the big bang of creation. It all happened in the top of the great pyramid ( [Altar, Pillar]; Isaiah 19:19) where God gave mankind the first 22 characters [the Word] known as Alphabet (Aleph-Phela-Cap, Yoruba [A]., Beth-Thebah-End of Road, Urhobo [B]).

The A and B letters are the first and second characters of the Alphabetical system and there are other letters which represent Urhobo language in it. Any wonder why the Urhobo People have 22 original ethnic groups. But wait; Aleph is not supposed to be the first Alphabet so it seems but the Esau and Jakob syndrome must have dealt a blow to Thota and Theta symbols. Because the Thota Symbol is an obvious “A”. I do not believe that the history in the Bible is a mythical story. The Urhobo and Yoruba tribal groups are indeed related and this relationship is reflected in their language as indicated above vaguely, and other nouns, pronouns, verbs etc. does give the closeness in the languages. Words like Omon, Ra, Re, Ton, Patah, Okpotah, Opota, Opo, Opa, etc. etc. etc. are not only pronounced in the same sound but also have same literal meanings. The hieroglyphic symbols of the first and second characters of the authentic Alphabetical system are exactly what their names signify (You will hardly see these two original hieroglyphs in the public domain): CAP (Aleph-Phela-Cap, Yoruba word) and End Of Road (Beth-Thebah-Ethebare, Asabare-(Urhobo of Agbarho) end of Road, Okpe word). There are other characters in the Alpha-Bethical system which represents Urhobo, Yoruba and other African Nations in their sounds and meanings. Other Urhobo characters include Omega, thota, theta etc. in the Greek Alphabet. Indeed, the theta has to do with the first compass of this world. These were all derived from the word-Evba (Ipha, Epha) which was given on top of the Great Pyramid built by an Urhobo King known as Khuvu whilst the Pyramid was known as Akkakuchi.

It was the same 22 characters openly hidden in Psalm 119 that were later corrupted with these codes: Sample of Hidden Codes in the Torah Aleph = A Bet = B Gimel =G Dalet = D Hey = H Vav = V Zayin = Z Chet =Kh Tet =T Yod = Y Kaf = Ch Kaf Sofit = Ch: Lamed =L Mem =M MemSofit=M: Nun = N Nun Sofit=N: Samech =$ Ayin =E Pei = P Phei = Ph Phei Sofit=Ph: Tzadi = Tz Kuf = Q Reish = R Shin = Sh Sin =S Tav =Th SOME OF THE MORE THAN 300 TYPES OF ANCIENT EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPIC CHARACTERS (From these Hebrew Texts was developed) ANCIENT EGYPT ALPHABET HEBREW WRITING: IS AN ALPHABET OF HIEROGLYPHIC ORIGIN; Secrets of the Exodus. Did the Pharaohs write the Bible? By Messod and Roger Sabbah. p191

Indeed, the Authors went to say that: Hieroglyphic text generally read from right to left, well, same is Hebrew and Arabic now. And In Hebrew; no sacred text is permitted to contain vowels; only the oral Hebraic tradition, through memory of the language, allows their introduction among consonants as you read. It is the same situation for hieroglyphic texts which exist in Ancient Egypt before the Hebrews inhabited Egypt [with my emphasis] (Messod and Roger Sabbah, ibid) SEE BELOW




The Greek Alphabet Capital Low-case Greek Name English Alpha a Beta b Gamma g Delta d Epsilon e Zeta z Eta h Theta th Iota i Kappa k Lambda l Mu m Nu n Xi x Omicron o Pi p Rho r Sigma s Tau t Upsilon u Phi ph Chi ch Psi ps Omega O The Phoenician Alphabet is very close to the Ancient Egyptian Alphabet.

The evolution of these alphabets were, from Ancient Egypt to Semitic [Hebrew], from Semitic to Phoenician, from Phoenician to Greek, from Greek to Roman and from Roman to English. And that was the route through which the original 22 characters of the Torah was corrupted and transformed with additions. Note that the first original letter was Thota which completely disappeared from the table. Thota was replaced with Phela (Aleph, Alpha), a Yoruba word for cap. This was possible because the Yoruba People took over Ancient Egypt after King Sekenere Tao II, an Urhobo Monarch who was murdered by the Ogisos with the help of the Ajuwe group around 1570 B.C.E. and since then, Urhobo lost the spiritual Royal name of Oba due to Sekenere dying without passing the secret spiritual words for king-making to a successor and our kings became Ivie (Levi). The reigning Ogiso who was in conflict with King Sekenere at this time was Akpobisi (Ogiso) and not surprisingly, it was Juya (Joseph) who was Akpobisi’s Vizier. Can you deduce which ethnic group these people are from? The chart below shows how they ciphered the Torah to reflect their own history and works as follows: The first column is the hidden word. Second column is the location of the starting letter. The third column is the word in the sentence which "houses" the starting letter of the hidden word. The letter enclosed (X) is the first letter of the hidden word. If the housing word appears more than once in the same sentence, the number of the correct word appears here in parentheses. The fourth column indicates spacing, i.e., 49 indicates there are 49 letters BETWEEN the letters of hidden word. An "R" in the fifth column indicates the hidden word is spelled out in reverse.

The Sixth column is just a transliteration of the first column for ease of comprehension. AMTh Genesis 1:1-5 BRAShY(Th) 50 R Emet (Truth) ThVRH Genesis 1:1-5 BRAShY(Th) 49 Torah ThVRH Genesis 49:28-30 VZA(Th) 49 Torah ThVRH Exodus 1:1-7 ShMV(Th) 49 Torah ThVRH Exodus 39:8-13 ThChL(Th) 49 Torah ThVRH Numbers 1:1-3 MSh(H) 49 R Torah ThVRH Numbers 34:9-12 Z(H) 49 R Torah ThVRH Deut. 1:5-8 (H)ThVRH 48 R Torah ThVRH Deut. 32:3-7 LAL(H)YNV 48 R Torah ALHYM Genesis 1:7-9 (A)Th 26 Elokim Y-VH Genesis 1:8-9 AL(H)YM 26 R The Name QYN Genesis 4:13-15 (Q)YN 49 Cain HBL Genesis 4:23-25 OD(H) 49

The Hebrews who performed the initial transformation of the Torah later handed over to the Greeks whilst the Romans collected same and used their codes to further cipher the Torah and rest of the Bible. By this time, we have totally lost the Bible. What I’m saying here is that, the original Bible is the Torah (22 Characters) and the property of Urhobo. You can pick some of the alphabets and translate them if you have the 3rd eye and knowledge of the Ancient Egyptian Code which is now known as the Bible code. But the Codes of the Caesars are not included in this work for the sake of brevity. The Caesars of the Roman Empire were a tribe known by then as the Kittim. A BRIEF STORY OF HOW THE TORAH WAS GIVEN TO OUR ANCESTORS IN THE 1 ST AKKA The Sun (Ra, Re) shines bright on the top of the Great Pyramid and refracts a serpent of seven colours in the top of the pyramid. The Serpent was broken down into 22 characters to form the Torah also known as Evba (Ipha) and Tarot. This is why the serpent is seen as an object of wisdom which gave Eve (Eva, Isi) the Apple fruit in the Garden of Eden (Eden is a word in Itsekiri which means forbidden). There was Itsekiri (Yoruba) and Urhobo culture, traditions and civilisation before the Hebrew and English so, you cannot ascribe Eden to be an English word. AND WE MIGRATED TO THE 2ND AKKA However, we founded and left the first 1st Akka (Afru-ika, Evworakka, black history and black identity, p103, my emphassis ) of Ancient Egypt before we the Urhobo people also found a land we know as Akka now known as Benin (2nd Akka) after the Exodus from the first Akka. It is understood that the first Kingdom in 2nd Akka was known as Igodomigodoh. This name is both synonymous with the 1st Ogiso and the Kingdom. The meaning of Ogiso in Benin is a bit different from what it should be in Urhobo. It was Ovie the Benins turned to Ogie.

The ‘So’ in Ogiso means Sky in Benin language but it is actually Osio (Rain) in Urhobo which falls from the Sky of which the Benins who are cousins of ours turned to be Sky god myth. Ogiso is thus King of the Sky in Benin translation which is OvieR’so in Urhobo (OvieR’so; King of the night, Urhobo). But then, I’m not sure if the word/name Igodomigodoh has a literal meaning in Benin apart from the fact that it means kingdom to them. But it certainly has a lot of literal meaning in Urhobo denoting a whole lot of hidden history. Indeed; while we were in the second Akka; we met a lot of violence that we relocated to where we are now. But before this, the Urhobos established Igodomigodoh Kingdom after our migration from Ukeh (A transit camp where all tribes passed through on our way from Ancient Egypt, 1st Akka), a place probably in the Nok Culture environment of Niger Benue Plateau; a place where we can find motifs of Ancient Egypt as evidence. When you want to establish the origin of the past dwellers of a place, it is the names of the people and place which readily exposes the truth. Urhobo names such as Akka, Udo, Isi, Igodomigodoh, Ugbekun, Ogbe, Agbado IkpenR’Oba (Ikpoba), Ukurudunmu etc. are names which are found in Ancient Igodomigodoh and modern Benin. These are proofs that our ancestors founded these Kingdoms after the exodus from Egypt and further proofs are there in Uvwie and other Urhobo kingdoms where we have royal Staffs of Office (they are far older than those in Benin Monarchy and Priest shrine ) of Kings that we can date back to 1000 A.D. and perhaps beyond. In modern times; history is common with our influence in the 20th century politics of Mid-West of Nigeria. Our modern times saw the politics of Nigeria rising from the reign and leadership of the colonial masters beginning from 1443 onwards till 1960. This colonial days was governed by British rule which created customary laws and coupled with our traditional rule, was controlling our sociocultural life and the economy.

A period when some noble men felt we should have a union to challenge the unjust and draconian rule of the British and to bring together all Urhobo Children whose hatred, disaffection and disunity had been driving all ethnic groups apart. A period when “everyone to himself and God for all”. It was because of this backdrop that made right thinking minds to pioneer a group known as “Urhobo Brotherly Society” which became U.P.U of today.

We have increased in population and the U.P.U seems lost in focus with the politics of today. U.PU cannot go it alone. We need fresh ideas and ideology. Indeed; I can see that Urhobo World United members are wearing same shoes of these past Patriots with their fertile ideas. It was under the U.P.U umbrella that the Councillors, Members of the Western Nigerian Legislators as well as Federal Legislators were chosen to represent us in the elections. Of prominence of this period-1943, were Chief Jessa Ogboru who was elected into the legislative council. While Chief M. Mowoe was elected into the Western House of Assembly in 1946 and Chief W.E. Mowarin in 1948 as legislators. Meanwhile; the traditional Chieftaincy Council and the U.P.U were working tirelessly and co-operating to champion the course of Urhobo under the British Colonial rule. It was during this period that the prestigious Urhobo College was founded by U.P.U. members.

It was this same force of Urhobo leadership of U.P.U and the Urhobo Royal Palaces efforts which culminate into force majeure for independence and saw leaders like Chiefs Mariere, Adogbeji Salubi, Mukoro Mowoe and Major General David Ejoor being at the head of the fighting force on issues of economic and political autonomy of the Urhobo race. We were at the fore-front of leadership of the former Midwest politics because of our numerical strength and this is an indication that we were first in the region to have procreated this number of persons above those who now claim to own Akka. Mention should be made of other well meaning leaders of this period. They are: Mr. Omorohwovo Okoro, Chief Jabin Obahor, Dr. Fedrick Esiri, Chief Okpoko Edewor, Chief Benjamin Okumagba, Chief William Ometan Etorane, Chief A.T. Rerri, Chief Akemu, Chief Dukuye, Chief Atuma, Chief Ometan Brass, Chief Ayomano including other chiefs of the Midwest including the Oba of Benin who was at the fore front in the struggle for the creation of Mid West State. Our modern times glory actually began when the Midwest was created and the first Governor was Chief Jereton Marierie (1964-1966) and when Nigeria went to civil War, the first Military Governor was Lt. Colonel David Ejoor. However; when the Soldiers handed over power to the civilians, Chief Demas Akpore became the deputy Governor to Professor Ambrose Ali. Akpore died in Office to be replaced with Chief Odiete (1979-1983). Chief Ini also became deputy Governor to Governor Ogbemudia in a short-lived civilian rule of 1983. When Delta State was created; our evolution into own civilian political rule began when Chief Felix Ibru became the first Governor of the State to be followed by James Ibori. These leaders has steered the wheels of our nation so far but the last epoch of Chief Ibori totally changed the landscape of our politics. Here is a cross-road we must either decide to go together to build new dynamics of economic and political future and to fight the challenges of today or follow the last Ibori misguided government of gasping for air.

We must not rest on our oasis but form groups for politics, economic, education and financial blocks to not just connect with the world but to continue in research of how things are done and work with it. We must shout out to reach the other corners of the world. In other societies; they organise themselves and project for future challenges. From these projections which they derive from research and experience, they start to plan ahead. They draw wisdom from Machiavelli that when you want the Kingdom to grow, you must learn from the kingdoms of the past of how it was done. Again; I quote from Machaivelli when he said that; (1) it is not individual good but common good that makes cities and kingdoms great. (2) That a mixture of virtue, good fortune and liberty makes cities great and (3) establishing a republic can’t be obtained through virtue of public but by the fortune of the founding father. I found the last quote very inspiring because it unites us in our disunity. And may I ask, who is the true father of the Urhobo race. We are all Children of one true Father Esiri. Considering how we relate with each other on ethnic lines for instance the Okpe and Isoko groups saying they are not Urhobos?

Our culture is the same but only in simple variations. In other clans, a founding father heritage is what unites them in their pursuit for economic, socio-political and cultural freedom. But are we united in this world. Indeed we will never move forward unless we exorcise this demon of disunity Having said that; our unity groups should and must have an ideology and ideals as a driving force (engine) otherwise the motivation will not be there. And for we to be ideologues and idealists; we must form political groups, economic groups and other various professional groups such like Judges, Magistrates, Prosecutors, Journalists, Financiers, Police, Army, Pilots, Doctors, Nurses, and even armed robber groups of Urhobo. I say this because the Greeks, Romans, the Magog People, USA, Benin and others robbed Urhobo People blind of our heritage.

If you doubt me then Email me vandaloo22@yahoo.co.uk to open up what we have in hidden history. Most importantly; our technocrats group should be working with the traditional Council rulers. In fact, our traditional and Monarch groups should establish economic blocks by training and researching to have economic blocks because elsewhere; where we are controlled, they have these as their economic main stay projects with their military intelligence and other economic, financial, political etc. establishments who themselves are trained in institutions for the purpose of keeping it in the family. Again; such assembly of men and women should not just be groups of ideologues, realists, technocrats on the front of leadership, but they should politick, lobby and speak out. And above all, we should be articulated together rigidly devoid of personal interests with same ideology, sound mind and be principled under one umbrella of Esiri Children and indeed Urhobo. (Note: Urho-Obo is the son of Esiri).

And this Urhobo clan should have one virtue of force that should be reckoned with in Nigeria and the world. The Urhobo of one destiny which encompasses one fate, luck, fortune, portion, circumstance, lot and hard work to hold and keep it in one family of Urhobo. This will also bond us together but these will be activated by our activities in unity of purpose. The dynamism of our actions will generate events where our voices shall be heard. We should be singing one tune as the children of Urhobo who have a onerous purpose for our mother-Isi and father-Esiri land. Seek ye the Kingdom of God AgodomehAgodoh) and everything shall be added onto you is a biblical injunction which means you shall reap abundantly when you work for our kingdom. Now compare AgodoMehAgodoh [Urhobo] (Agodomigodo-Benin, this has no literal meaning in Benin but only cultural meaning) and OhGodMiGod and judge for yourselves. In other words; throw away all self interests and work for Urhobo Kingdom and there lies the secret of freedom from poverty.

By Wilson Ometan BA. (Hons), Diploma (IT). London 25/11/2012

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