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Jan 27, 2021
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AKKA and Ra (Ray), these two words are what civilised the world, pure and simple. And all truths you read here were taken from the Catholic Church great Library also known as the Archives. The truth shall set mankind free.

However; the word Akka, literally means many Oka. In other words, more than one Oka equals Akka. So, what does that mean in English. Oka is an Urhobo word for one mark whilst Akka means more than one Mark. There are other variants of the WORD in English e.g Akkadia.

Somewhere in the Bible, it is said that God commanded one of our Ancestors to build a temple for Him in the East of Egypt. That feat was achieved by King (Pharaoh) Khuvu of the 4th Dynasty in about 2530 B.C. (Harvard Magazine).

RA, on the other hand is the Ancient name our Ancestors gave to the Sun. Ra became a god they worshipped in Ancient times because the Sun is the entity that gives us humans, Animals and Plants life. Without the Sun and Water, Life will be non-existent on Earth.

Be that as it may, the god Ra was He who civilised the world by giving mankind the Word. In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1). But how did God gave mankind the Word.

Remember; God also said “Let us create man in our own image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion (Genesis 1:26).

So therefore, God sent Ra god to give mankind the Word.

Indeed; the Temple that was built for the Lord by our Ancients is what God used to give mankind the WORD. There; on the great Pyramid was where Ra beamed Its energy of light in seven (7) Cosmic Colours on the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid also known by the Ancients as Temple received these radiation of energy inside the Apex to form a Cosmic Serpent. And this Serpent; equally have a likeness of DNA colouration in humans in a chain-molecule, made of two ribbons with the bases of four chemicals. Again, the DNA has a connection with the Cosmic Serpent, the Axis of the World and the language of the Spirits of nature having in mind that, the Sun is the giver of life to Plants, Animals and Humans (DNA and it is the Origin of Knowledge, Jeremy Narby, page 101, and my emphassis). Is there any doubt that our Ancestor Asiri (Esiri-Urhobo, Osiris-Greek) and Mother Isi (Isi-Urhobo, Sisi-Yoruba, and Isis-Greek), after taking the potion of a plant (forbidden fruit, Ekah Leaf-Urhobo and Benin, Wariogho leaf-Itsekiri) became civilised and the area where the consumption of this potion took place was called Gan-ba-Iden (Secrets of the Exodus, page 64), which sounds Gan and Itsekiri Itsekiri languages (Remember, Gan language have evolved from Ga to Gan, Oniga, Niga and now Niger which is where our Country name Nigeria evolved from as origin.

However; there is also an evidence which link the Itsekiri cultural language with the culture of the Ancient Egyptians because “within the Garden, stood a Sacred Tree known as Ishedi and its fruit was destined only for Pharaoh. This fruit thus marked, became sacred in the eyes of the people” (Secrets of the Exodus, forbidden fruit, by Messod and Roger Sabbah, page 64).

And the Hebrew Bible also alleges that the Garden of Eden (Gan-Ba-Eden), like that of the Temple of Akhenaten, faced East, and was also irrigated by the waters of the Nile (Ibid). We should remember that this King (Pharaoh) was driven from the main land of Ancient Egypt and he built another town named Ekete (Eketteh), meaning high Horizon. I conclude here that Akhe-Na-Athen (Akhe-Is the-Sun) who is Biblically Moses is of mixed blood of Urhobo and Itsekiri, otherwise his name will not be Akhe and he built his exile town in Ekete (Okpe dialect) hence the place is known in history as Ekhete-Aten in Ancient Egypt.

And we used to sing Itsekiri song in our Urhobo festivals like this “Egbele Mako Moru o Ideh woshie” meaning when a Cock Crows at night, it is regarded as Ideh (Eden, forbidden). This is the same Ideh we have in the creation story of the Bible known as Eden.


Ra (sun) on the Great Pyramid
Ra (sun) on the Great Pyramid

Luke 20:17, Mark 12:10. The Stone which the Builders rejected, the same is become the head of the cornerstone. The reason why Urhobo and Benin worship stone in the past.

When the Sun Rays shines on the Apex of the Pyramid, a serpent refracts inside the Apex to show a cosmic Serpent just like when you beam a light on the side of a prism. It is this cosmic serpent cut into 22 Characters in Shorthand hieroglyphics which is the first Alphabets on earth. But today, nobody writes or speak of these characters when other characters are mentioned. From Hieroglyphs, to Demotic, from Demotic to Heriatic, from Heriatic to Aramaic, from Aramaic to Hebrew, from Hebrew to Greek (1st century A.D, the Jesus Papers, page 106, by Carsten Peter Thiede & Matthew D’ Ancona), from Greek to Latin, from Latin to English.

Nonetheless, the first hieroglyphs were in short-hand which our Ancestors wrote in Sand in Divination with emphasis on Binary. These were later crystalised in other apparatuses like the Urhobo Agbragha and Yoruba Opele.

Demotic text of the Oracle
Demotic text of the Oracle

The first Alphabet was “A” literally called “Thota”. An Urhobo word for “Speak”. It was symbolically changed from Thotah to Phela (Yoruba symbol for Hat).

The Second Letter “B” was Thebah, named after a town in Ancient Egypt. In Urhobo it means a town where there is no throughfare. You can’t go beyond the town. Symbolically it means a no go area. We also have “Omega” meaning strength in Urhobo. With aduos research, one will come out with the original meanings of the original Alphabets in Urhobo.

However, these original Alphabets are the original Bible with the 613 Commandments included. Also known as the original Oracle, mankind have developed these characters to become the 16 bits of the Computer, Google, Facebook and other programs.


1). It is what civilised the World

2). From Akka we have Academies, Architect, Archeology etc.

3). We have Akka as 1st tribe in Africa (The origin and evolution of the human race, page 86, by Albert Churchward)

4). We have the Bible

5). We have Oracle

6). We have Religion

7). We knew that “James the just” became the first Bishop (or in Hebrew, Mebakker, Amebor’Akka, Urhobo), and that he took to wearing a mitre as a badge of office. This device is now worn by all Bishops and there can be no doubt of its origin; it came with Moses from Egypt (The Hiram Key, The man who turned water into wine, page 243, by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas).

But what is more significant here is the revelation that the word Bishop has origin in Urhobo name of Amebor’Akka.