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Oct 21, 2020
Published on: Wilson on Authory
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You are inadvertently calling for racial conflict; oppression, and slavery which had been meted out to your forebears in the past, to be revisited upon you when you hide your history.

We publish history so that mankind will learn from the past where our Ancestors excelled and where their weakness resides including an odious past as these will help us to plan and organise ourselves so that we can move forward with Glory without repeating mistakes our forbears made.

For; in history, we have development beginning from the creation of the world with the first Alphabet ever invented by our Ancestors.

But whether Africa had learned from their odious past is another matter to unravel.

However; when a race, nations, cultural groups and individuals refuse or fails to rise up above oppression from oppressive regimes who themselves passed through such tyranny of oppression, and without learning from such and even with their integers of education, then, the race, nations, cultural groups etc have really failed woefully.

By Wilson Ometan.