August 12, 2017


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Wylde Loves: Living Therapy

If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air… you must love the seaside. It’s hard to beat a dip in the ocean for sheer exhilaration and, even if you haven’t been lucky enough to immerse yourself in Cornish saltwater this summer, you’ll feel as if you have after a bath with a generous pouring ofLiving Sea Therapy's divine Detox Kelp Forest Sourced Bath Soak (below).

It smells great – among its 12 pure essential oils, spicy ginger and eucalyptus come through most strongly to me, but mandarin also features. And, like the rest of the Living Sea Therapy launch collection, it is full of natural marine goodness, containing a unique “Living Sea Complex” of three sustainably harvested seaweeds – kombu (kelp), bladderwrack and sea spaghetti, from sister company the Cornish Seaweed Co – plus Cornish Sea Salt Co minerals and amino acids, all from the Lizard peninsula, vitamin-packed, and ready to help remove toxins from the skin while hydrating, soothing, gently exfoliating and improving its texture, dissolving stress, relaxing muscles and generally kicking ass. With antioxidant vitamin C-loaded seaweed extracts, there’s even a chance the bath soak will improve the appearance of cellulite. Take the plunge!

The 12 products in Living Sea Therapy’s first Bath, Body, Hands and Feet collection have been developed by marine biologists, environmentalists and leading therapists. I can personally recommend the exfoliating Smooth Sea Flora Extracts Body Polish (above, minty fresh and gentle but effective, and made from sea pearls rather than those pesky microbeads), Exfoliate Sixty Mineral Infusion Sea Salt Scrub(below, made from Cornish Sea Salt crystals, it’s much more hardcore than the polish but really does revitalise the skin and smells of peppermint, lemongrass and cardamom).

Last but not least there's the delicious Renew Foraged Sea Flora Foot Cream (below), which left my feet practically buzzing, moisturised and zesty.

One more feelgood factor: a percentage of every Living Sea Therapy sale goes to the Blue Marine Foundation, which, aiming to solve the crisis in our oceans, creates marine reserves and sustainable fishing models. We’re all mermaids now.