June 30, 2021

Article at Steven on Authory

Announcement (part I)

This is a brief notification of what I intend to write in a few relatively short articles over the next few weeks, to make you aware of what’s coming, and to opt out if you have little interest in these pieces. As you probably know, I’m no longer writing a column for Bill James On Line. I got cut loose rather abruptly, with no opportunity to let people know what was going on, the reasons (Bill’s and mine) for terminating my column, and some thoughts I have associated with that dissolution of the bonds between me and BJOL. So that’s what I’ll be doing, in several bursts, in the near future, letting you in on what happened.

These bursts-to-come will be collected on a website called “authory.com/stevengoldleaf” (if you type the url between those quotation marks into the search bar of your computer, that should take you straight there). I’ll probably also be sending these out from this gmail account, as I learn more about the authory site over the next few weeks. There may, for example, be a way for you to comment on these bursts (maybe I should call them “outbursts”) but you can certainly write to this gmail address if you’ve got anything you’d like to ask or to add.

I hope to post other bits of my writing on Authory, at least until I find another gig. Since I’m not looking for another gig at the moment, that may be a long while. As I’ll explain, I’m in the middle of writing a long novel (that strangely has its climax in a topic that I first became aware of on the BJOL site), and I have another semi-academic (but really a lot of fun for me) book that I’m proposing to a major publisher right now, so it’s probably for the best that I’m out of the “weird baseball articles” line of work for now.

However, I got fired so abruptly that I did have a few BJOL pieces in the pipeline, and it may not be too much trouble for me to whip those into publishable shape, so I hope to get some of these posted on Authory as well. Waste not, want not. I can’t imagine that any other market would be interested in these pieces, but they might appeal to you. We’ll see.