October 11, 2009

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Suffolk Arts+Sciences magazine: JOURNEY

JOURNEY is the second issue of Suffolk Arts+Sciences magazine, winner of seven national awards. Published annually by the College of Arts and Sciences at Suffolk University in Boston, MA.

Sherri Miles, editor-in-chief

Issue No. 2 received the following awards:

  • Bronze, CASE - Council for Advancement and Support of Education (Individual Institutional Relations Publications)
  • Beacon Award, Association of Educational Publishers (Higher Education Materials)
  • Distinguished Achievement Award, Association of Educational Publishers (Periodicals Design, Whole Publication, Adult)
  • Bronze, Society of National Association Publications (feature article, "Teaching and Mentoring")
  • 2009 American Graphic Award, Graphic Design USA
  • Gold EDDIE Award, FOLIO: (Best Supplemental Annual, One-Shot, Single Article, "Teaching and Mentoring, the 1-2 Punch")
  • Silver OZZIE Award, FOLIO: (Best Supplemental Annual/One-Shot, Design)

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